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Buy Star Citizen cd key for PC in digital version at best price is already possible by Gocdkeys! You can preorder Star Citizen cd key for Steam in any of the online shops registered in our price comparison. Star Citizen is scheduled for release on December 30, 2016 and it will involve a revolution in terms of space simulators, thanks to the combination of genres. It has features of management games, shooter, simulation of galactic travel, open and persistent world, among many others. With years of development and it has had a millions dollar funding. The final proposal will be a huge game, where thousands of players can interact, like a MMORPG, in a vast universe filled with missions and actions, and where we can choose the character class that we want. We can be an explorer, a merchant, a soldier or even a pirate engaged to assault the unwary, and of course, at our disposal a huge, huge number of ships available, including modifications, upgrades, weapons systems and endless feature to create our unique and fully customizable ship. We can visit worlds, assault space bases (at which time we´ll pass from space simulator to a shooter) and many different types of missions. Do not forget to check all the information in each store on methods of payment and download methods, as Gocdkeys not responsible for any problems that may arise, although we have a support email from our contact section.

Comments and reviews

this game start with lot of promises, but none of them are a reality, I am starting to think that is one of the biggest scam in the videogame industry, after years of development, lately the only make new ships, and more ships, but nothing else, just for the people to pay the ship packs and make them ritcher, even the new alpha that they release not long ago after months late, it is not playable due to the very low fps even if you have a great computer, I dont recommend this game at all, they want your money just to keep making non sense ships. From my point of view, at the time all players get tired, the game will be cancel and they will keep all the money to start another game and fool the people.



January 05, 2017
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news & articles

Star Citizen’s latest promise rakes in almost a million dollars

The most successful crowdfunding project of all time now stands at million Continue reading…

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Star Citizen’s multiplayer demo shows off complex missions, $330 attack ship

Both will arrive with the update to the game s early alpha which does not have a release date Continue reading…

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New Trailer For Star Citizen's Single-Player Mode Shows A Lot Of Celebrities

Star Citizen's crowdfunding effort has been immensely successful By the latest count it's brought in more than million Some of that money has gone toward paying big-name actors to appear in the game's Squadron single-player mode And now developer Cloud Imperium Games has released an impressive new trailer showing many of the big names who are lending their likenesses and voices to the game The trailer which was released at the Star Citizen fan event CitizenCon shows celebrities like Gillian Anderson Mark Hamill Gary Oldman Mark Strong Henry Cavill John Rhys Davies Liam Cunningham and Ben Mendelsohn We don't know…

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Star Citizen launches alpha 3.3, Squadron 42 shows off new trailer

Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink space sim dream Star Citizen has taken another step closer to reality with the launch of a new alpha for backers including adding NPC enemies to first-person shooter bits for your face-shooting pleasure It also boosts performance and lets you use your webcam to motion-capture your own expressions for your character s face I think my face would start to hurt after an hour of waggling my eyebrows and doing my Elvis lip Back on the less concrete side of things hey a new trailer for standalone singleplayer companion game Squadron shows a neat digital Gillian Anderson Wotcha more…

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Star Citizen’s wacky face over IP tech is expected to enter public testing today

Here s the highlights from the th annual CitizenCon Continue reading…

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 Update Adds New Face-Streaming Chat Feature

Development on the super-ambitious PC space sim Star Citizen isn't finished yet but developer Cloud Imperium Games has now released the latest significant update to the ongoing alpha Alpha which launched today as part of the Star Citizen conference CitizenCon adds a number of intriguing new features and content including long-awaited Face over IP functionality An evolution of Voice over IP or VoIP this new feature allows players to control their character's facial expression with their own using a webcam According to Cloud Imperium this creates a new level of immersion never before seen in other games as well as…

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trailers & gameplays

Star Citizen 3.0 - EXPLORING PLANETS - Gameplay Live Stream

STAR CITIZEN - Single Player Campaign Gameplay Demo (Squadron 42 Gameplay)

Star Citizen - gameplay - 1080p 60fps

Star Citizen | CitizenCon 2017 Gameplay Demo