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Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
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Description & requirements

The place is the Exclusion Zone around the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear reactor. The time is the year 2012. After a second explosion shook the damaged reactor in 2006 and wiped out all living beings surrounding it, anomalies started to appear and bizarre, mutated creatures began populating the now empty region. Your story begins when you are found among the wreckage of one of the corpse transporters that make frequent trips to and from the center of the Zone. You remember nothing of how you got there but your PDA reminds you had one goal: Find and kill the Strelok. Explore the human settlements of the Zone that were overgrown by nature in this open world first-person shooter. Fight bandits, the military and the Zone itself as you struggle to uncover your past as well as the mysteries of the Zone and push to the heart of it, the nuclear reactor of Chernobyl.

Comments and reviews

Amazing game,would recommend.The graphics aren't the best but it is an old game.I personally like history,and well,i am intrigued by chernobyl!


My friends played it and said it was good!

November 19, 2014
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