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From the creator of The Sims, comes the most ambitious video game ever made. In Spore we will not have to claim a family or a city, we must control an entire species from birth as a unicellular organism up to make this species in an intergalactic empire. A fun game where we can customize our kind of monsters with lots of features. The game is divided into six developmental stages, starting with an action game at a microscopic level. Once past the first evolutionary phase, we will move to the stage where our creature evolves on land, before moving to the tribal phase, since the beginning of civilization and technology. In this last phase is similar to SimCity, and where we will take action and create our galactic empire in order to extend our domain to known space.


Spore is a great game, because it gives you some much toys to play around with, from spore creator to civilization and, of course, space travels. It's a great way to just relax and let your imagination wander around


Absolute nostalgic game. The freedom of development of your creatures to the pathways of conquest, peace or capitalist dominance provides hours of fun.


This game. It's awesome, a lot of fun to play around with. However, it has a bad rep. A lot of people noticed that the game wasn't all like what was promised in the beta days and the game suffers from removed, beta and alpha content. Although the community is alive today and amazing! Any amount of stars is good for this game.