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Buy Splatoon for Wii U (in physical or digital eShop code) at best price as possible via Gocdkeys! You can compare the best prices for Splatoon for Wii U at best online stores of the Internet. If you buy the digital version of Splatoon (eShop code) you must enable it in your Nintendo eShop account by adding the eShop code in "Wii Download Ticket". In Splatoon our character is an incredible creature capable of alternating between the human form and squid, known as inkling. It is a game of action and shooting, where our characters, inklings, can run, jump and shoot while we are in human form; and when we transform in a squid, we can change our typical skills of humans, for toher skills more typical of squid, like swimming swiftly through the ink spilled our own body. With this talent, we can make all kinds of feats like climb walls impregnated with our ink to achieve high points that will give us an extra strategic value when to shoot our opponents, or else we can camouflage in our ink and create effective ambushes. Multiplayer games are 4 vs 4, and our main objective will be cover the battlefield with our ink. The strategies are many and varied, thanks to the options offered both ways, whether we are human and squid, so the fun is guaranteed.

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news & articles

Big Splatoon 2 Update Adds New Game Mode, Here's All The Changes

Splatoon Nintendo's Switch-exclusive shooter has changed quite a bit since launch and it's now evolved once again Update is out now and it adds a new game mode called Clam Blitz among other things Clam Blitz is a new way to play in which both teams need to throw as many Clams as possible into the other side's basket You'll first need to break their basket open by forming a Power Clam made by securing standard Clams at once You then hurl the Power Clam at the other team's basket to force it open allowing you to throw in both…

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Splatoon 2’s next Splatfest tackles crummy holiday gifts

Socks or sweater How about Scientology Continue reading…

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Splatoon 2's Creative Team Details New Major Updates

With two massive updates just around the corner the Squid Research Lab has been hard at work preparing a slew of new content for the Inklings of Splatoon including two major free updates IGN spoke with Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami and Directors Shintaro Sato and Seita Inoue to discuss some of the upcoming added content and what the future holds for the multiplayer shooter As announced earlier today the first free update dropping on Nov adds new gear and hairstyles for Inklings a brand new stage for Salmon Run mode an increase in level cap and four new battle stages…

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Splatoon 2 update coming this week raises level cap, adds stages

Two stages from the original will return to Splatoon Continue reading…

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Two Major Splatoon 2 Updates Announced

Nintendo has announced two major free updates for Splatoon The first update will be available on Nov while the second update which includes an entirely new Ranked Battle mode called Clam Blitz will be launched in mid-December The November update adds new gear hairstyles four new battle stages a new Salmon Run stage and increases the level cap from to First look at new MakoMart stage coming to Splatoon Continue reading…

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Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Pits Sci-Fi Versus Fantasy In Favorite Genre Spar

North America's next Splatfest in Splatoon is quickly approaching This Friday November at pm PST get ready to spar for your favorite genre in Turf Wars This Splatfest's theme aims to settle the rift between the futuristic possibilities of science fiction and whimsical charms of fantasy To pick your coat of arms we mean side head on over to the poll in Inkopolis Square when it appears this week and cast your vote As with other Splatfests this one will work the same The side that has the most votes and higher percentage of solo turf war victories or team…

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trailers & gameplays

Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Session Gameplay Part 1 (Nintendo Switch)

Splatoon - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 249 - Splat Zones! S+ Rank! (Nintendo Wii U)

Splatoon - THIS IS AMAZING! KRAK-ON SPLATROLLER - Splatoon Multiplayer Gameplay

Splatoon - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro, Multiplayer, and Single Player (Nintendo Wii U)