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Buy Splatoon for Wii U (in physical or digital eShop code) at best price as possible via Gocdkeys! You can compare the best prices for Splatoon for Wii U at best online stores of the Internet. If you buy the digital version of Splatoon (eShop code) you must enable it in your Nintendo eShop account by adding the eShop code in "Wii Download Ticket". In Splatoon our character is an incredible creature capable of alternating between the human form and squid, known as inkling. It is a game of action and shooting, where our characters, inklings, can run, jump and shoot while we are in human form; and when we transform in a squid, we can change our typical skills of humans, for toher skills more typical of squid, like swimming swiftly through the ink spilled our own body. With this talent, we can make all kinds of feats like climb walls impregnated with our ink to achieve high points that will give us an extra strategic value when to shoot our opponents, or else we can camouflage in our ink and create effective ambushes. Multiplayer games are 4 vs 4, and our main objective will be cover the battlefield with our ink. The strategies are many and varied, thanks to the options offered both ways, whether we are human and squid, so the fun is guaranteed.

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Splatoon 2's Halloween Splatfest Begins Tonight On Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 's next Splatfest competition is scheduled to begin very soon This month's event kicks off in North America tonight October at PM PT AM ET and concludes at the same time tomorrow October For the first time since Splatoon launched this past summer North America's Splatfest features a different theme than Europe's While European players battled over the proper way to hang a toilet roll players in North America will be settling a more fitting dispute in time for Halloween which monster is better vampires or werewolves Ahead of the Splatfest Nintendo is adding a pair of new weapons…

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Splatoon 2 Update Out Now, Here's What It Does

Splatoon has continued to evolve since its launch this summer and now it's changed once again The Nintendo Switch shooter has been updated to version and the latest patch brings with it a bunch of bug fixes as well as some balance tweaks For example the Charger weapon can now maintain a charged up shot if you swim into ink and then transform back into human form The Roller has also been adjusted and the knock-back distance has been reduced when you hit a player while you're lacking ink or when the Roller is in mid-air Lots of weapons and…

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Splatoon 2's Next North American Splatfest Is Halloween-Themed, Kicks Off This Weekend

Europe's most recent Splatfest may have just wrapped up but Splatoon players in North America will soon have a chance to take part in their own competition The region's next Splatfest takes place this weekend and for the first time since the Nintendo Switch shooter launched it will have a different theme from Europe The Splatfest begins on Friday October at PM PT AM ET Like previous events it will run for a full hours Fittingly the theme for the October Splatfest is inspired by Halloween players must settle the debate over which classic monster is superior vampires or werewolves…

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Splatoon 2's Latest Stage And Weapon Are Available Today

The squid research lab is back at it again to keep the freshest Switch game up and running Splatoon 's latest free update will include the Snapper Canal map and a returning weapon from the original Splatoon the Bamboozler Mk The Snapper Canal map was revealed just recently in the latest Nintendo Direct Nintendo of Europe tweeted out some images showing off the map's massive bridges and river running straight through the middle This map is already available in game at the time of publication And to no one's surprise the title's latest weapon fits its namesake a little too…

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Splatoon 2’s spooky new Splatfest: vampires vs. werewolves

A very Halloween-y Splatfest is coming Continue reading…

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Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Will Finally Settle An Age-Old Dispute

Nintendo of Europe has announced the date and theme for the next Splatfest event in Splatoon The competition takes place the first full weekend of October and asks the most important question yet how do you hang your roll of toilet paper The Splatfest kicks off on October at PM CEST PM BST and runs for a full hours As before to take part in the event head to the polling booth in Inkopolis Square once it appears in-game and vote for which side you support Nintendo still hasn't announced the theme for North America's next Splatfest but the previous…

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Splatoon - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 249 - Splat Zones! S+ Rank! (Nintendo Wii U)

Splatoon - THIS IS AMAZING! KRAK-ON SPLATROLLER - Splatoon Multiplayer Gameplay

Splatoon - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro, Multiplayer, and Single Player (Nintendo Wii U)