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Sony PS4 PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console

Buy Sony PS4 PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB - cheapest price

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The list includes all the online stores that sell this version of the Sony console, the PS4 SLIM with 500GB of internal memory, a version evolved and smaller than the standard version, and where all versions are included regardless with extras.

This version of PS4 Slim incorporates only 500GB, but for the rest is exactly the same as the version of 1TB, only changes the amount of memory. Although it may seem a significant drop in storage capacity, with 500GB we can store a huge amount of games and everything at a price lower than the 1TB version.

For the rest, it comes with the same hardware that will allow us to enjoy a super clear image quality, with incredible fluidity, even on 4K monitors, and able to develop an amazing graphics power.

This version incorporates, in addition to the console, a DualShock 4 wireless controller of the latest model, with Share button to share through the network everything we want.

ATTENTION: Due to the large number of versions of the PS4 Slim with 500GB, we recommend that you carefully read all the information about this product in each of the stores, as some may include games and other accessories.

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