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Third installment of the Sniper Elite saga follows the story of Karl Fairburne , the sniper , who has spent years fighting the Nazis. Like its predecessors, this installment focuses during World War II, but there is a change of location and now our actions will focus on the campaigns of Africa. The environments are much larger and offer more strategic freedom than in previous installments . The improved visuals and gameplay are not the only new addition, the bullet view, with what we can see the path of the bullet and the impact of it takes internal organs of our enemies. Also this type of camera is applied to vehicles, an interesting development , and we can see how the bullet enters the engine and they provaca havoc on them. A new adventure that will test not only our talent for strategy , as it will be crucial to plan well our actions, we must also be more accurate with our rifle due greatly increased the AI Nazis.

Comments and reviews

This game is soooo good i have completed it more than once. The sniping is easy to handle and use, the stealth is good, the story is good to understand and complete. Overall, the this game is amazing.


Let's try this website and i hope to win this game for free i check it on YouTube its amazing to play before sniper elite 4
And this ticket is a good way I love it