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Siralim 3 tells us how the King of Siralim has brought war to the lands of Rhodia, capturing all the kingdoms of the country and killing its people in the process. Now, there is only one kingdom left that can resist this unlikely adversary: Nex. We will assume the role of king (or queen) of Nex, and our goal will be to fight Siralim's tyranny and restore peace to Rhodia once and for all.

The cornerstone of the title, or strength, is that it focuses on the creation of armies. But not from normal armies, like any other strategy or management game, but in Siralim 3 we will be able to raise more than 700 different creatures that will fight for our kingdom. Explore randomly generated dungeons to search for the most powerful creatures, create artifacts and spell gems in weapons to equip our creatures for battle and much more.

In addition to almost 700 monsters of all kinds that we can tame and breed, as well as empowering for battles, we have nearly 300 types of gems. Our creatures can equip items called Spell Gems, which allow them to cast the spells contained in these gems. We'll be able to enchant these Spell Gems by adding new properties that change the way the spell works. For example, you can customize the type of damage the spell causes or have the spell activate an additional effect. Together with the huge number of soldiers that we can enlist give the title a huge gameplay with very entertaining and interesting gameplay mechanics.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Storage: 200 MB available space