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Shovel Knight is an adventure game with action and memorable characters classic and retro look reminiscent of 8-bit games. It is a title that mixes characteristics of old and new games. Our character is a little knight with a great mission to perform, and where we can distinguish two objectives: the first will be to defeat an evil sorceress, and the second search of his beloved princess. Our main weapon is a shovel, a multipurpose weapon whose mastery was lost for centuries. Although the road to complete our goals will not be easy, because along the way we will find the Order of No Quarter, formed by terrible enemies that have been sent to prevent our hero from reaching the evil sorceress, and prevent our mission at all costs .

Comments and reviews

this pixel art is really good

April 01, 2017

I'm waiting for WiiU go out in Europe, this game looks really interesting

October 09, 2014
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news & articles

Shovel Knight meets the Battletoads in his latest update

The Battletoads have escaped the confines of Microsoft s corporate grasp and have made their way to the greater PC audience through Shovel Knight official site update You can now meet battle and befriend the burly amphibian trio in a whole new level This was initially exclusively to Xbox then spread to the Windows version and thanks to last week s update full patch notes here everyone on PC can now play it more…

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Shovel Knight gets free Battletoads DLC on PC

Battletoads are coming to the world of Shovel Knight for PC in this new free DLC Yacht Club Games have announced on the Shovel Knight steam page that Rare's Battletoads have been added to the game This mashup comes in the form of toads Rash Zits and Pimple being added as optional bosses to the PC version after being exclusive to Xbox One for over two years Players can access this new content after downloading the update by entering a secret room inside the Hall of Champions From there they can enter into optional brawl style battles with the trio…

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9 Photos of Shovel Knight's Three New Awesome Amiibo

Plague Knight Specter Knight and King Knight all join Shovel Knight as part of the game's Amiibo line…

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No More Heroes 3 to Feature Shovel Knight Collaboration

No More Heroes Travis Strikes Again will feature multiple collaborations with independent game studios one of which being Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games Grasshopper Manufacture founder Goichi 'Suda ' Suda teased the collaboration lifting up his shirt to reveal a Shovel Knight t-shirt during Nintendo's Nindies Night livestream at PAX West Suda teases Shovel Knight collaboration during Nindies Night livestream Continue reading…

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New Shovel Knight Amiibo Announced

Yacht Club Games has announced three new Shovel Knight amiibo During Nintendo's Nindies Night livestream at PAX West the studio unveiled its upcoming Plague Knight Specter Knight and King Knight figures For an up-close look at all three amiibo check out the reveal video below In addition to summoning fairy companions the upcoming amiibo will unlock exclusive armor sets and new challenge stages A release date for the Plague Knight Specter Knight and King Knight figures will be announced sometime in the future Shovel Knight amiibo three-pack Continue reading…

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King of Cards Is a Fitting Goodbye to Shovel Knight

I love Shovel Knight I ve played through the main campaign at least half a dozen times across Wii U DS and Switch and I absolutely adore the Plague Knight and Specter Knight campaigns that followed After three years with the game knowing the final campaign is coming makes it hard to say goodbye but after some time playing it at PAX West I m glad to see that developer Yacht Club Games is making sure to go out with a bang King of Cards the last bonus campaign promised as a stretch goal in Shovel Knight s original Kickstarter…

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trailers & gameplays

Shovel Knight: Shovel of Justice (PC) Longplay

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