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Salt and Sanctuary
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Description & requirements

Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D RPG, in which we will enjoy brutal combat in real time, full of blood and dismemberment. Everything begins when our character, a sailor, is shipwrecked on an island lost in time and forgotten by the rest of the world. This island is full of horrors and dangers that our character must avoid and exterminate if he wants to leave alive. The first thing we will must do is equip our lost sailor with all kinds of weapons, armor and equipment, we will have more than 600 weapons that we will can use and improve through a unique craft system, pieces of armor, spells and magic objects that we will obtaining as we will go exploring this cursed kingdom full of forgotten cities, and deep and dark dungeons. Being an RPG, we will can customize our hero with a huge variety of hair types and aspects that will make it unique. But the most important is the fighting, which although easy, but the truth is that it is a visual spectacle, visceral and with incredible movements and attacks, with blood and even time lapses with wich we┬┤ll can enjoy every stroke with all luxury of details. The visual section is also superb, with all kinds of localities and monsters of all kinds. A very fun and entertaining game, that for its reduced price, offers a unique RPG experience.

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Editors Note Salt and Sanctuary originally released in for PS Vita and PC With the release of the Switch version we decided to dive back into the sanctuary and update our review for Nintendo's hybrid console Forget about mages and warriors in an RPG with a name like Salt and Sanctuary I figured it was only appropriate to save the world as a chef It's one of the eight starting classes after all and thus clad in apron and armed with a three-foot iron pot and a handful of potatoes I left the sanctuary of my galley to slay the…

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