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If truth is the first casualty of war then this is the strategy game where you get to play the executioner. It\'s not just enough to command your armies in World War II, you\'ve also got to use every dirty trick in the book to achieve final victory. Strategy games are often fiddly to control on a console but this easily solves that problem with a simple, direct interface that lets you simply point and click where you want your units to go. With that out of the way you can concentrate on all the special ruses to help spy on the enemy, hide information or trick you opponent with traps and decoys.

Comments and reviews

Perfect game. But i dont know why i cant find this game at my steam account. I had purchased this game. I realy want to play this game agin because its amazing..


An excellent modern take on a classic style RTS, the gameplay is balanced, challenging and extremely fun.
Each nation has its own unique units and different strengths, you have to use strategy and your RUSE cards to both defeat and out smart your opponents.


Is there anyway to get the DLC's for this game as well. I know there were three of them available for the base game? These are The Manhattan Project DLC, The Chimera Pack DLC and The Pack of the Rising Sun DLC. I would like to buy to whole game (specially to play as Japan).

Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva
August 18, 2018

Genialna GRA!

January 17, 2016
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