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Buy Rocket League for PS4 at best price is already possible thanks to gocdkeys. This version of Rocket League for PS4 can be both physical or digital format, so we recommend carefully reading all the information in each of the stores that are set out below. Rocket League is a futuristic sports game action, very addictive and since its launch has already sold millions of copies in its PC version. We will pilot the most powerful cars in the world while we face our enemies in futuristic epic football matches with a giant ball. One of the most impressive qualities of Rocket League are really spectacular graphics and physics that we take advantage for us if we want to overcome our opponents. We will use the momentum of our vehicle and the mass of the same to move through huge soccer fields and get huge ball in the opposing goal. Remember that there are several versions of this title available, we recommend carefully reading each of the stores specifications for download, as well as the time of sending the keys and payment systems.

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Best site to buy this absolutley great game. A game in which you don't need kind of good pc so I recomend u to buy this game :D. Really good price

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WWE Rocket League Items Will Launch Alongside Wrestlemania

When developer Psyonix announced a partnership with WWE a few months ago it mentioned that wrestling-themed items would be coming to Rocket League Now we know what those items are when they'll be available and how you can get ahold of them There'll be WWE items in total coming to the game this week although you won't be able to get all of them right away On Sunday April during Wrestlemania Psyonix will release a special code that'll unlock two random items from the group of banners flags and a set of wheels The studio also promises that more items…

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Rocket League updates with tourneys, music & chat bans

Rocket League is just a little bit more social a little bit louder and a tad better moderated today The much-hyped Patch v has officially rolled out for the surprise Esports mega-hit adding automated tournament play an option to actually listen to the game s built-in soundtrack fancy that and some developer-level chat moderation features allowing them to globally gag unpleasantly noisesome players more…

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Rocket League’s next update makes tourney organization simple

Rocket League s enormous success was long overdue I liked this game back in but it didn t seem to catch on until they chopped a few words out of the name The weight of those extraneous syllables lifted the game launched into the stratosphere almost like some kind of supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-car Psyonix aren t resting on their laurels either The game still commands enormously huge audiences worldwide so it s no surprise that they re working hard on polishing up just about every eSports feature the game could ask for The centerpiece of the next major patch…

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Rocket League Tournaments Update Coming in April

Rocket League's Tournaments Update is coming in early April Psyonix announced The update will be released on all platforms on April and will allow players to create tournaments without leaving the game Plenty of quality-of-life improvements will also be added including performance and visual quality updates for the Nintendo Switch version of the game The following improvements content will be added with the Tournaments Update Connection Quality Information - This will add new notification icons which signal the types of online connection issues during online matches to better troubleshoot problems Enhanced Garage Options - This adds sorting searching item stacking…

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Rocket League’s Spring Fever event kicked off today

Though snow is still piled up on my street corner Rocket League is ready for this winter hell to be over and today launched its Spring Fever event This brings lots of colourful new cosmetic items to adorn sports cars with including sprinkled doughnut wheels a fluffy dandelion and some fantastic floral trails and goalblasts It looks wildly at odds with the futuresport s Hot Wheels aesthetic and that s great more…

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The Dark Knight Batmobile Now Playable In Rocket League; New Update Out Now

If you've been waiting for a reason to jump back into Rocket League today's release of its latest DLC pack makes it a good time to return The DC Super Heroes DLC adds a whole bunch of cosmetics but its most interesting items are two Batmobiles That's right--starting today you can play soccar in the Batmobile from The Dark Knight as well as the one from the film Batman They both look really cool and you can see them in action in the video below In addition the DLC comes with a bunch of other items to make your vehicle…

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Rocket League Gameplay: MYSTERY DECALS on the TUMBLER BATMOBILE Is CRAZY! - Trading (1v1 Goals)

I FINALLY HIT GRAND CHAMPION.. (Rocket League Gameplay)

WHEELSHAKERS RLCS SEASON 5!! ( Road to Top 128 in Rocket League )

Rocket League Gameplay: WHITE WEREWOLF ULTIMATE BUILD! - Funny Moments/1v1 Goals (RL Highlights)