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Description & requirements

Compare the best prices and buy RimWorld cd key at best stores. This product is a digital version, that is, you will recive a cd key of RimWorld into your email and you will must add it into your Steam user account. RimWorld is a science fiction game set in a distant human colony. The story begins with three survivors on a remote planet, which we will must cover their basic needs, wounds heal them, possible diseases, monitor their moods, provide fabrics, weaponry, metal, stone, wood, and all kinds of resources needed to begin again, and get our survivors return to start a new life. But apart from the basic needs, we will must also defend them from possible pirate attacks, hostile tribes, all kinds of animals and beasts, which can also tame, insects and many more dangers. RimWorld is a management sim colony, where we can adapt and modify the settlement at will and all for the sake of our survivors. There are multiple maps and terrain where we will can start our colony, each with unique resources that can be used not only to build our own structures, but to trade with other colonies and enrich. A fun game full of possibilities that already has more than 90% of extremely positive comments on Steam. Gocdkeys is a price comparison and does not sell anything directly, but we offer support to our users (through the Contact tab) to solve any problems that may arise with the shops.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB of RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

Comments and reviews

I want this game. It's very nice and strategic, you manage your own colony, so I think it can be very interesting game. I want to buy it, or win if this possible


This game is awesome i only wait for buy(or win here) and play on my own.
Super nice real time strategy.

April 21, 2017


March 30, 2017
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RimWorld colony simulation leaves early access with a full first-version release

After a five-year journey to release the ambitious title is ready for the gaming public Continue reading…

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Wot I Think: RimWorld

Developer Ludeon StudiosPublisher Ludeon Studios Release Out nowOn PC Mac LinuxFrom Steam official sitePrice RimWorld is a game of perfect catastrophe Not simply a homage to Dwarf Fortress or a skin graft of Prison Architect it has spent five years of early access becoming its own simulation of farce hopefulness and inevitable disaster Today it s finally done It starts as an opaque management game about the marooned survivors of a sci-fi shipwreck But it quickly harnesses the darkness and humour of an absurd Yeatsian apocalypse Things fall apart the centre cannot hold Landoa has raided the drug stash again…

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RimWorld’s 1.0 release date announced

Sci-fi colony simulator RimWorld is getting its official release date on Wednesday th October the developers announced today The game s been in early access for five years generating stories about crash-landed space explorers trying to survive and thrive on strange planets more…

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RimWorld beta 19 out now, adding bridges and new turrets

The Ah c mon don t pretend the possibility of cannibalism isn t part of why you were interested in spacelife in the first place colony simulator RimWorld has launched a big early access update focused on expanding the most important thing in life being near water Beta update lets players build bridges and build light buildings atop them and baselords can also build power-generating watermills and run power cables under rivers Let us abandon this terrible landlife The update also adds new turrets lets you rename animals and lets your beloved Cow spot get diseases Happy days more…

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RimWorld’s next big update will be version 1.0

Sci-fi colony catastrophe sim RimWorld is finally almost ready to leave early access and launch in full with a shiny version creator Tynan Sylvester has said It s a game that one could keep adding to forever he says but after five years of development he s ready to draw a line in the sand and call it ready Sounds fair really He still plans to work on it mind but it will officially be finished Additions and tweaks coming with v include reworking caravans a water-driven power generator to make rivers useful and improved loading times for mods more…

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RimWorld’s beta adds swamp biomes and ‘story combat’

RimWorld has left its awkward alpha stage blossoming into a beta with update It s called A World of Story but the update really dabbles in everything from crazy weather to orbital super weapons Hitting beta also means that it s in the final stretch says developer Tynan Sylvester and there won t be any major new additions like entirely new systems before launch though there will still be future updates more…

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