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Description & requirements

RIFT Nightmare Tide Typhoon Edition is a free expansion for the popular MMORPG by Trion Worlds, RIFT, and as any expansion brings a certain amount of new content to the world of Rift. Among the new content in this DLC, we can find new dungeons, raids and dangerous adventures through the world of Telara. We will also have new superior abilities, new henchmen and more, that will add countless hours of gameplay. But that's not all, we also have new equipment and storage slots, plus a title, The Typhoon. All this is automatically applied to all characters on your account. A huge expanding world where we find thousands of adventures, dangers and treasures to discover.

Comments and reviews

Plain and simple, I loved the game up until the most recent x-pac "Nightmare Tide". I spent all of an hour playing it after it's release and totally lost interest in it. For me personally the game just doesn't feel the same, and the under water stuff I experienced while leveling up to the new max was enough to make me "nope" straight away from the game.

Everyone's experience is different, and opinions are extremely subjective. For me personally I do not recommend it.

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