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Description & requirements

WARNING: This key for the closed Beta of Revelation Online is only for Europe and the US, although in our icons appear as Region Free, it is only available in these areas. Revelation Online is a new oriental stylke MMORPG, ambitious and graphically impressive. The main quality of the title, is that we´ll can fly all the maps without any limits, using our angelic wings. In addition to this feature, the game includes a huge amount of content PVP, as an arena of combat, sieges up hundreds of players, thousands of missions PVE, both for solo and group methods craft, battlefields 10vs10, countless dungeons, treasure and equipment, ... and endless more content that will be discovered as the release date approaches. For now, in this closed beta, which will take place from October 25 to November 8, we´ll can rise to the level 49, in addition to having available the battlefields of 10vs10 and four dungeons with several levels of difficulty with their corresponding treasures. Remember that this closed Beta key is only applicable to territories within the EU or US.

Comments and reviews

Very nice game, nice graphics

cornelpopescu200 February 21, 2017

i wanna try it

ariel09 December 23, 2016

I want to buy i can buy the key???

leolife2820 November 08, 2016

J'aimerais bien le tester, il a l'air pas mal :p

dimitri.dorcus November 06, 2016


masterbeto November 06, 2016
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