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Buy Rainbow Six Siege for Xbox One at best price is already possible from Gocdkeys! This product is the physical version (or digital depending on the store where it was purchased) for Rainbow Six Siege for Xbox One console, the next installment of one of the best tactical action sagas. Rainbow Six Siege is inspired in missions of counterterrorism special operations teams of the world, with heavy fighting, a unique system of single coverage, military tactics and more, will bring us the action of one of the most prestigious elite police in the world . Among the most notable developments is the addition of siege mode, a new style of assault, in which enemies can convert any scenario in real forts: with all kinds of traps, fortifications and defensive systems to prevent the attack of Team Rainbow. With the addition of a new system rappel, tactical teams will have more options than ever to plan, attack and solve the most complex situations, such as hostage-taking. Remember that all stores appearing in gocdkeys have been tested by our team so they are 100% reliable, even so, we recommend to you read the information on each store about shipping times, ways of activation (in case it is digital version) and payment methods.

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news & articles

Rainbow Six Siege DLC For Year 3 Announced, New Maps And Operators Coming

Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege will receive a third year of DLC and additional support next year Over the course of eight new Operators two new maps and one existing map makeover will be added to the shooter Year --as with Year and Year --will consist of four seasons each including two new Operators The first of those four seasons is called Operation Chimera which will include biohazard specialist characters from France and Russia It will also include Outbreak a new limited-time co-op event Outbreak is free-to-play for Siege owners and it will take place over four weeks…

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Rainbow Six Siege’s third year will introduce 8 operators and a co-op event

Slick tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege will soon enter its third year and that means updates New maps and a map makeover were announced by Ubisoft Montreal at the Pro League Finals in Brazil at the weekend plus two new operators specialising in biohazard situations more…

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Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Content Announced

Ubisoft is bringing new operators new maps a map rework and a special event to Rainbow Six Siege in Year Year will be a series of four Seasons and will include new operators two new maps set in Morocco and Italy and one map remade with new level design and art style Year of the popular first person shooter's post-launch content will begin with two new operators and the Outbreak event grouped under the name 'Operation Chimera' Outbreak and Operation Chimera will be fully revealed at the Rainbow Six Invitational in Montreal in - because of the name and logo…

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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise Operators And Map Details Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege's Pro Finals are well underway and with them comes new details about the latest expansion for the PC PlayStation and Xbox One game We got our hands on Operation White Noise and tried its new operators and its beautiful new map Mok Myeok Tower and you can see all the new gameplay footage in our video above We're still waiting on a release date but technical test servers for Operation White Noise go live on November We knew Operation White Noise was bringing a high-tech communications tower in Seoul to the game but now we got to…

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Has Rainbow Six Siege been improved by its updates?

Ah hello and welcome to Rainbow Six Siege s restaurant of blowing the shit out of walls I ll get you a menu shortly but first today s specials Would ma am like a breaching charge unfurled and exploded so as to knock out a person-sized section Or would she prefer to use burrowing grenades to excavate a perfect head-height peephole through which she can take potshots And for sir may I suggest a thermite detonation powerful enough to punch through even reinforced barriers Of course one may choose to do the work oneself to rip a hole in patchy…

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Rainbow Six Siege holding another free trial weekend

Any plans for the weekend You might want to consider shooting holes in walls so you can shoot faces on the other side in Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft will hold yet another free trial of their tactical FPS this weekend they ve announced inviting everyone to play the full game from Thursday through to Sunday If you need persuasion hey we declared Siege one of the best FPSs And did I not mention you can smash holes clean through walls to shoot people on the other side For current Siegers some other news the next content update Operation White Noise…

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My BEST DEAGLE SHOT?! - Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

I OUTPLAYED ASH! - Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

I WON THAT 1V5! - Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

BEST Thermite EVER! - Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay