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Description & requirements

Information about Rage 2 for PS4 in digital format

The digital version of Rage 2 for Playstation can come in several formats: On the one hand, it can be available in key format and on the other in account format. PS4 games in code format must be entered into our Playstation Network account to proceed with the title download. The digital version in account format, on the other hand, simply consists of a user name and a password to access an account that already has that game, to later pass it to our main account.

The digital versions of Rage 2 for PS4 may have a regional block, so it can probably only be activated in certain countries or regions, which is why we always recommend Gocdkeys pay attention to all the information available in each of the stores.

Trying to find the best price for Rage 2

Since Gocdkeys, as always, we have tried to bring our users the best price for all the games listed, always ordering the prices from lowest to highest. In this case, for this version of Rage 2 you will find a price list starting with the lowest possible price offered by online stores. It should be noted that the first stores in the Gocdkeys price list are usually digital versions of the games, simply look at the label "Account Format" which indicates that it is a digital version in account format.

¿... What if I want the physical version of Rage 2 for PS4?

It is also possible to purchase this product in physical version, ie the old-fashioned way, receiving the box with the disk in our homes. To do so, you simply have to buy it in stores such as Amazon, among others that we expose, which have physical versions.

Availability in other platforms.

From Gocdkeys not only you will be able to compare the best prices for the version for PS4 of Rage 2, also you will be able to locate other versions, so much for Xbox One as for PC, simply changing the platform in the part of top of our Web. The versions of Xbox One, like the version of PS4, can have regional blocking in digital format.

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Rage 2's Bright Bouncy Apocalypse Both Helps It and Hurts It

There s something about the apocalypse we just can t quit Whether its a nuclear war zombies robots games and gamers have a morbid fascination with what comes after society breaks down The infatuation is long-standing but in we ve seen an interesting style shift starting to form In games like Rage and Far Cry New Dawn bleak wastelands are set in the seemingly grand tradition of end-of-the-world stories but brightened with neon color palettes and a healthy dose of explosive double-barrelled escapism You not only get to survive the end of the world but you also get to thrive…

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