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Description & requirements

The first installment of one of the oldest and most acclaimed shooters in history. Progress through over 30 amazing levels, for single player, plagued by terrors and strange creatures. 6 deathmatch levels of sheer terror, chilling sounds of creatures from another dimension and lighting unsurpassed for its time. Arm yourself to the teeth to eliminate the terrifying creatures that find by the various levels using lethal nails, fierce and brutal grenades.

System Requirements

Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system

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news & articles

Raytraced Quake II makes me want to buy a ludicrously expensive new graphics card

Daddy why are you cross Because my little one someone s just added some lovely-looking raytraced lighting to seminal s first-person shooter Quake II but I am unable to experience it myself because I don t own an RTX-series graphics card Now repeat what I just said back to me flawlessly or you re sleeping in the shed again tonight more…

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Quake 1.5 refreshes an FPS classic with new maps, monsters and mayhem

A raytraced Quake might be a fun retro showcase of shiny new hardware but Quake is what you really want to be playing right now Assembled by modder bloodshot although its full credits are extensive it s a cocktail of mods for Id s original Quake that aims to retain its aesthetic but upgrade everything else That means new detailed weapon models monsters some from the excellent Arcane Dimensions levels and more Today s release is technically a beta but well worth playing and dead easy to set up too Find it on Mod DB or check out a trailer…

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Quake Champions drops loot boxes and brings back Capture The Flag today

Quake Champions s December update is live and it s one of the biggest the old-school arena shooter has seen since it entered early access The much-maligned loot box-based economy of the game is dead replaced by a linear progression of cosmetic rewards for each character and extra goodies for those who pick up a Fortnite Rocket League-styled season pass They ve also brought back Capture The Flag mode my favourite way to play classic twitchy shooters added a new map and squeezed a little more performance out of the game for those on lower-spec PCs Check out the full…

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Quake Champions frags loot boxes and spawns in battle passes

Twitchy old-school arena shooter Quake Champions is the latest competitive game to axe random rewards in favour of a more deterministic reward structure Outlined here the free-to-play deathmatch still technically in early access will drop loot boxes this month in favour of a Fortnite and Rocket League-esque progression system Players earn a chain of rewards each three-month season just by playing or speed things up and earn shinier things by spending Platinum around on a seasonal Battle Pass Id explain it all in a development diary video below more…

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Quake Dev Responds To Battle Royale Craze

The head of id Software one of the pioneers of multiplayer games with Quake has spoken out in response to the craze surrounding the battle royale genre Tim Willits who heads up id Software told GameSpot during an interview at PAX Aus that battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG are capitalising on a idea that is not exactly new He reminded us that one of the original Quake mods made by the community was for a last-player standing mode though it only supported four players compared to in contemporary battle royale modes People need to realise it's been done…

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Quake Champions adds Slipgate mode and Quake 2-style character Athena

Today s update for Id s twitchy online FPS Quake Champions holds a special place in my heart much as I appreciate its Quake -inspired core Quake was the first competitive FPS I got into On top of a new attack-and-defense playmode called Slipgate new champion Athena feels like she s been lifted straight from Quake laser-like grappling hook and quirky physics intact Below videos introducing Slipgate and Athena The game is in early access and free-to-play and the Slipgate update is out now You can see the full patch notes here more…

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trailers & gameplays

QUAKE IS BACK - Quake Champions Gameplay + First Impressions


Quake Champions – Debut Gameplay Trailer

Quake (PC) 1080p Gameplay