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This product is the physical version, or digital depending on the store, of Prey to PS4. This is a first person shooter that will transport us to a not too distant future where experimentation with humans is the order of the day.

This new delivery has been created by the makers of games like Dishonored, which introduced new game mechanics and a gameplay rarely seen in a shooter, so in Prey we can expect something new.


In Prey we will move to a not too distant future, to the year 2032, where our character wakes up in the space station that orbits the Moon. Our character is one of the patients with whom the company experiences introducing alien DNA to create a superior race. During one of the experiments something goes wrong and the Talo station is invaded by a group of extraterrestrial attack.

Now we must survive by using our cunning, our wits and using the powers that have given us the experiments. Thanks to the additions of alien DNA in our body, we will be able to use incredible abilities.

Weapons, equipment, skills, ...

As we advance in the story of the game, our character will gain new alien abilities by assimilating the DNA of the creatures we hunt. Thanks to this DNA we will develop our powers and create combinations to greatly improve our combat skills.

The title has a great arsenal, as well as a crafting system with which we will create and improve all types of weapons and equipment, which will be necessary if we want to reach the end of history and discover the secrets that this new delivery Of Prey.

Editions of Prey

Some stores have the version "Day one Edition" which in this case includes: The DLC Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack, with which we can unlock the Margrave shotgun and special ammunition design. We will also gain access to various equipment, such as 2 medical kits, manufacturing materials, 3 transtar neuromods and 1 Antirreclipping Shield Chip.