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Prey 2 is on its way from the talented staff over at Human Head Studios and will be published by Bethesda – Prey 2 is the sequel to the revolutionary 2006 gravity FPS Prey. Prey 2 will have you exploring an entirely new facet of the Prey universe and promises to dish out fast paced action in what is being called a huge open alien world. Prey 2 will put you in the boots of U.S Marshall Killian Samuels – whilst on a passenger flight, your plan starts to plummet to the ground, crashing and leaving you close to death. Several years later and you now play a bounty hunter on the alien world of Exodus

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Have You Played… Prey (2017)?

This is possibly premature but I m worried that Prey might have fallen through the cracks I don t hear it talked about that much now Don t wait for a sale Don t dismiss it because it looks a little sterile in screenshots Prey is exactly the game that long-time RPS readers have been praying for for decades Pun possibly intended more…

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Have You Played… Prey 2?

Have You Played is an endless stream of game retrospectives One a day every day of the year perhaps for all time No no one has Prey official site was cancelled long before it was finished and reborn as Arkane s more simply titled Prey visit site to read more…

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trailers & gameplays

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