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In this innovative first-person puzzle platformer you field-test the so-called “portal gun” that allows you to open portals on flat surfaces through which you can then move. You do all this on behalf of a mysterious AI that is in charge of the Aperture Science Laboratories ... but what happens to you once all the test are done?

Comments and reviews

Great game, a real puzzle game. Wish VALVe could count to three though. This game is one amazing brain teaser wrapped up in a little amazing bow.


Once upon a time in half-life universe, there was a hidden research facility.

Portal is a great puzzle game. Some levels are easy, some are harder. Glados is a great companion during the game. (spoiler alert) Although she tried to kill you, we all love her. GLaDOS is a legend now.


Nice Game!

November 25, 2016

its a really good game the puzzles are tuff but not too tuff and the action is awesome you will love this game

March 18, 2016

Great puzzle game that requires you to think with portals

March 07, 2016

One of the best puzzle games out there.

October 11, 2014
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news & articles

Portal Writer, League of Legends Designer Open New Studio

Chet Faliszek and Dr Kimberly Voll have created the new game studio Stray Bombay to focus on making Co-Op games Announced in an official blog post the two detailed their reasoning for creating the new Seattle-based studio and what they hope to achieve Faliszek is known for writing popular Valve games including Portal amp Left Dead amp and more while Voll previously worked with League of Legends studio Riot Games as a principal technical designer Faliszek said that after the release of Left Dead he received a letter from a soldier stationed in Iraq who said Left Dead saved his…

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Deltarune: Chapter 1 Coming To Switch For Free; PS4 Port Also Confirmed

During a Nintendo Direct packed with big Switch news the company also revealed that Toby Fox's Deltarune will be coming to the handheld and console hybrid Chapter of the Undertale follow-up will be available for free while later chapters--which are currently in development --will not In true Toby Fox fashion the announcement was made with a censored spoiler-free trailer featuring tons of Undertale's Annoying Dog which was later confirmed to not be in Deltarune at such high quantities Undertale which first released on PC in came to Switch in September Deltarune Chapter is getting its port much more quickly it…

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Half-Life, Portal Writer Erik Wolpaw Still Working With Valve

Writer Erik Wolpaw who worked on a number of popular Valve games like Half-Life Episode One and Episode Two as well as Portal and the two Left Dead games is back working with the studio again He confirmed to Polygon that he's returned to Valve as a contractor not full time His name was spotted in the credits for Valve's new Dota card game Artifact and Gabe Newell himself reportedly confirmed Wolpaw had returned Wolpaw was at Valve since before initially leaving in After leaving Valve Wolpaw worked with Double Fine on Psychonauts He's now back working with Valve again…

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Portal writer Erik Wolpaw still works for Valve, sort of

Wolpaw says he s just helping out for now Continue reading…

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Have You Played… Bridge Constructor Portal?

Have You Played is an endless stream of game retrospectives One a day every day perhaps for all time I m going to be honest here I was incredibly apprehensive about Bridge Constructor Portal I didn t even play it for the first months after it came out I am a huge Portal fan and I think I was a bit offended by this game when I first heard of it Kids these days get offended by anything the snowflakes more…

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Valve Confirms That CS:GO's Portal Reference Is Just an Easter Egg, Not an ARG

Valve has confirmed that a Portal-themed Easter Egg discovered by CS GO players is not an ARG Counter-Strike Global Offensive players caused a stir earlier this week when they discovered a Portal reference hidden in the new Danger Zone Blacksite map Tucked away in the blocked-off Room of the map's motel was a handful of computers emitting a broadcast that was decoded to reveal the first line of Portal's ending song Still Alive This was a triumph I m making a note here HUGE SUCCESS Continue reading…

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trailers & gameplays

Portal - Full Walkthrough 【NO Commentary】

Let's Play Portal 2 - Part 1 (Gameplay & Commentary)

Portal (No Commentary) Gameplay HD : Part 1

Let's Play Portal - Part 1 (Gameplay & Commentary)