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Description & requirements

Attention: This version of PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS is for PS4 and many of the stores listed in Gocdkeys, where you will find the best internet prices for this game and many others, offer a version in account format. PS4 accounts give access to the game simply by accessing them through a username and password that you will receive by email after purchase. These versions may have a regional block and are marked with the "Account Format" label in our price list.

The now mythical PUBG comes to PS4, so get ready to enjoy one of the most played Battle Royale of recent years. We will face players from all over the world in bloody battles of all against all, in a huge map in which we must collect all kinds of material and weapons to survive. Access the abandoned houses and find the necessary weaponry to face the rest of the players.

Improve your weaponry to have more options for survival and do not stop investigating any structure you see, as it could hide not only enemies, but also an incalculable booty. As the game progresses, the combat zone will be reduced, forcing us to face all surviving players until there is only one left.

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news & articles

It's now a crime to play Playerunknown's Battlegrounds in Nepal

According to reports from multiple Nepalese news sites Playerunknown s Battlegrounds has been banned in Nepal Permission was granted by Kathmandu District Court on Wednesday the very same day that the Metropolitan Crime Division filed a Public Interest Litigation asking for a ban on the grounds that the game was having a negative effect on the behaviour and study of children and youths Justice as they say is swift more…

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Has Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds been improved by its updates?

Update Night is a fortnightly column in which Rich McCormick revisits games to find out whether they ve been changed for better or worse Who says games aren t educational When I woke up this morning I didn t know the Korean word for Red Zone That s Red Zone as in the randomly selected section of Playerunknown s Battlegrounds map that becomes an artillery test site for a time every few minutes and Red Zone as in the roving death circle that you really don t want to be stuck inside Now thanks to three helpful Korean guys placed…

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds designer Brendan Greene moves to new R&D team

Brendan Plunk Greene the lead designer of Playerunknown s Battlegrounds is leaving the development team to head a new PUBG Special Projects division at PUBG Corp He ll still have a consulting role on the battle royale FPS presumably suggesting people add more buckles to jackets but his focus will very much be on the new team and their research and development into new multiplayer experiences How mysterious more…

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds to refurbish its older maps

Despite growing competition Playerunknown s Battlegrounds is still going strong but its original Arma-inspired Russian map Erangel is starting to feel a little long in the tooth Developers PUBG Corp have announced that they re going through the game s older bits and polishing them up a bit Their remastering of Erangel is well underway with cartographically inclined data-miners on Reddit comparing the old and present test-server maps and spotting scads of new buildings That means more places to find loot take cover and hopefully make the later phases of matches more interesting more…

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds fires up flare guns

After sporadic experiments in event modes and tests Playerunknown s Battlegrounds has added flare guns that players can use to call in an airdrop of a double-sized care package or an armoured car That s powerful sure but also sends up a literal flare to indicate where you are and where some big loot will soon be I found they added an interesting tactical element during the events and am glad to see them become regular items Today s update also brings two new vehicles for the map Vikendi a zippy snowbike and a ruff tuff more…

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds adds Vikendi night variant

The moonlit version of Playerunknown s Battlegrounds map Vikendi has launched in the main version of the game after a week on the test server Green rays of aurora borealis dance across the sky the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie and the mid-sized snowy map doesn t play too differently but it does look jolly nice This update also reworks item spawn rates on Vikendi making assault rifles more common while SMGs and DMRs become less so Vikendi and Erangel get a new SMG too though the tracked snowbike also due to hit Vikendi in this…

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