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Do you want to buy PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE for PS4 cheaper than in official stores?

Then, from Gocdkeys, we recommend you to choose the digital version of the game. The digital versions can be available in PSN Key format or in account format. But remember, at Gocdkeys we also compare the prices of the shops that sell the physical version of PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE. 

What is the 
PS4 code or PSN Key for PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE?

The PSN Key is a digital code, or key for our Playstation Netwiork account, with which we can quickly and safely download PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE for PS4 from the comfort of our home.

Before buying the PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE game for PSN, from Gocdkeys we want to remember that this product can be available in different versions and formats. Most of the PS4 games are digital versions with regional blocking, so it is very important that you pay attention to this information before buying.

How can we find the best price to buy PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE in its PS4 version?

This is where our price search engine comes in! From Gocdkeys you will find the best price comparison for PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE, where you can compare prices between a large number of shops.

But watch out for the versions! There are many versions and editions of PS4 for PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE and it can be available in PSN Key format, standard or physical format, or in account format. Next to each of the stores you'll find a label with the edition, plus you can use our filters to select the version that best suits your needs.

For example, if we want to buy the PSN Key for PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE for PS4, just go to the filters and select that version, the price list will change and only the prices for that version will be shown, so it will be easier to find the best price for that particular version.

What is the account format of PS4 games?

Watch out for these versions! Normally most games are sold in cd key, PSN Key or digital key format (They are all the same format) but sometimes, some of the stores sell the game in account format (You will differentiate it because next to the price you will find the label "Account Format")

The account format is activated in a different way from the PSN keys or codes, since instead of having to enter a key in your Playstation Network account, you will simply receive some access data (User name and password) to an account that already has that game. However, stores that sell this type of format have precise guides on how to activate them.

Can I trust the shops that sell PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE in digital version for PS4?

There's nothing to be afraid of, we offer support too! At Gocdkeys we have been working for years to ensure that only the most reliable shops are listed in our game price comparator. And while it's true that there have been problems with some stores, we have always mediated to solve any problem as soon as possible.

Still, remember that this kind of format can have some risks, like game and account cancellations, so we always recommend buying this format under your responsibility, as Gocdkeys is not responsible for what the shops sell.

Before buying PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE for PS4, you should know that...

This product is an updated edition of eFootball PES 2020 (release date September 2019) containing the latest player data and club templates.

The standard edition includes:

myClub content: 3 contract tickets x 10 weeks Premium representative x 10 weeks. Premium representatives can sign players from a variety of clubs, including players from the edition you purchased.

It also contains the following purchase bonus:

2,000 myClub coins. The booking bonus, the purchase bonus and the content of myClub can only be claimed on the account used to purchase the game.

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