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Currently the game packs founder of Paragon are only available on the official website of Epic Games. As it appear in other online stores we will go adding them to our database and you can compare the best prices and buy Paragon founder pack in the best internet stores. Founder packages for Paragon will grant early access to the game plus a lot of extras and bonus. With the purchase of a package of Boss, you can start playing this new MOBA from Epic Games on March 18. Besides all the progress that you get in the game is real, it will not restart, which means a great advantage compared to other players. Paragon is designed so that each player can compete and win without spending money. All heroes are free, and the cards can only be earned by playing the game. Remember that currently, Paragon, is early access, so you may find errors and other bugs that will be refined over time and before the official release. Currently there are 3 packs founder, each with different bonuses and extras, but they all granted early access. For more information about each pack, visit the official website. Remember that moment, Epic Games is the only store that sells packs founder of Paragon, but will keep the community informed through social networks as they appear in more stores and at lower prices.

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Wicked siiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!

July 13, 2016
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news & articles

Epic’s giving away $12M worth of Paragon game assets for free

All that work on Paragon is now in the community s hands Continue reading…

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Epic set Paragon assets free for Unreal Engine games

Parts of Epic s third-person shooter MOBA Paragon will survive after the game shuts down in April Epic today released thousands of Paragon s character models map props textures voiced lines and more free for all Unreal Engine games to use If you re prototyping or could use a few bits to spruce your game up hey have a dig Epic say it cost them over to make these assets and I d say it s certainly better to re-use them to support and promote Unreal Engine than let them sink with the game I suppose if you re mourning…

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Fortnite May Have Helped Kill Paragon, But That's Turned Into A $12 Million Gift For Other Devs

Epic Games announced earlier this year that it would close the doors on one of its ongoing projects the third-person MOBA Paragon Part of its rationale for doing so was trouble acquiring and retaining players but the massive success of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode--which has required more of Epic's resources--was also a contributing factor With a move made today the success of Fortnite and death of Paragon is suddenly great news for many developers In addition developing games of its own Epic is the studio behind Unreal Engine which is licensed by numerous companies to create their own games As…

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The Death Of Paragon And The Rise Of Fortnite

News hit last week that Epic Games will shut down Paragon its free-to-play action MOBA on April The game went through several changes over its two years of open betas and early access but a final release won't see the light of day Despite building a community of its own and reaching over five million players during its course Paragon never found stability It also seems that Epic struck a gold mine with Fortnite not because of the original Save the World mode but because it was able to capitalize on the battle royale trend by adapting the core game…

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Epic to shut down struggling MOBA Paragon in April

I d always gotten the impression that Paragon Epic s hybrid third-person shooter MOBA hybrid was maintaining a decently sized playerbase even if it wasn t keeping up with the likes of Smite so this comes as a bit of a surprise Epic Games have announced their plans to close down the game on April th and are offering full and direct refunds to anyone who put money down on it more…

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Epic Will Shut Down Paragon in April

Epic Games is shutting down its free-to-play MOBA Paragon in April As detailed on a recent blog post Epic will continue operating Paragon servers until April Until then matchmaking times and quality will continue to degrade throughout these few months as the player population decreases After careful consideration and many difficult internal debates we feel there isn t a clear path for us to grow Paragon into a MOBA that retains enough players to be sustainable reads Epic's statement We didn t execute well enough to deliver on the promise of Paragon We have failed you -- despite the team…

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trailers & gameplays

Paragon Shinbi Gameplay - LAST GAME WITH FRIENDS :'(

Paragon Rampage Gameplay - THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS

Paragon Wraith Gameplay - MY FAVOURITE HERO!

Paragon : Dekker | Pc Gameplay