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Attention: Now you can buy Oxenfree for Xbox One at the best price in any of the stores listed in Gocdkeys. Many of these online stores offer an account format version. The PS4 and Xbox One accounts give access to the game simply by accessing them through a username and password that you will receive by email after purchase. These versions may have a regional block and are marked with the "Account Format" label in our price list. If the store does not have a tag, it means that the game is a physical version or a version in key form, which we simply need to enter into our account, PSN or Microsoft, to activate it.

This title is an adventure game in platform format, is a supernatural thriller that tells the story of a group of friends who unknowingly open an interdimensional portal. Our character will be Alex, a brilliant teenager, who together with his brother will travel to an island where a party takes place. During the night, a ghostly door opens, generated from the island's past. Our mission will be to investigate this past, the reason for the ghostly door and how to close it. One of the most outstanding aspects of the title is the system of conversation, with which we will be able to change the history and the relations with the rest of the characters according to our decisions. Don't forget to check the information in each store about this product, as well as the user ratings.

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Not every problem in games needs to be solved by shooting stabbing or going very fast Sometimes you just need to stop listen and talk things over like in Oxenfree and Tacoma two lovely story-driven games that you can snag free right now and keep forever Contemporary teen ghost story Oxenfree by Night School is the current fortnightly giveaway over on the Epic store full of sass and supernatural weirdness Sci-fi mystery Tacoma by Fullbright is a little more grounded and quiet letting you explore the lives and recorded dialogues of a space station s crew after some manner of…

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Night School Studio's Afterparty captures the same colorful graphic novel art style--complete with speech balloons--as the developer's first game Oxenfree Its hilarious writing is brought to life through an excellent assortment of voice actors as well However the simpler mechanics in Oxenfree have become more complex in Afterparty and the world feels larger and more alive The writing though still humorous is definitely intended for a more mature audience as well During GDC I had the opportunity to talk to Night School co-founders Sean Krankel and Adam Hines as well as see minutes-or-so of gameplay from early in Afterparty's story…

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