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Description & requirements

Overgrowth is a third-person 3D action game that allows you to leap and climb through sprawling levels as a ninja rabbit, and engage in intricate and brutal combat with a variety of weapons and enemies. It is still very much in development, so while the mechanics and features are mostly in place, there is no campaign, and players mostly experiment with the easy-to-use modding tools, and fighting in the arena.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Passmark CPU 1000 or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Passmark GPU 500 or better with OpenGL 3.2 support
  • Storage: 17 GB available space

Comments and reviews

This is an odd one. I got it quite early on and have been keeping and eye on it every now and then. It definitely has come far in it's development and the combat is incredible. But it seems to be lacking something.

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news & articles

Overgrowth’s final update feels like the end of an era

September th nearly a full decade ago That s when Wolfire Games first announced anthropomorphic animal brawler Overgrowth and now it s due to receive its final update version While Wolfire would go on to be better known for their Humble Bundles eventually selling the Humble brand to IGN I feel that Overgrowth and its decade of development is an important part of independent games history and following its creation from the beginning taught me much of what I know about the realities of game development today more…

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Overgrowth Review

Animals don t behave like men said Richard Adams in his rabbit-hero saga Watership Down They don't sit down and set their wits to work to devise ways of spoiling other creatures' lives and hurting them I d love to know what Adams would have thought about the D action game Overgrowth which centers on an anthropomorphic kung-fu rabbit that hops around the world dealing pain to the cats dogs wolves and traitorous rabbits that would keep his people enslaved Or maybe Orwell would have been more fascinated hints abound that Overgrowth wants to be an Animal Farm-styled allegory tackling…

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Overgrowth doesn’t feel ready to leave Early Access

The most satisfying moments in Overgrowth official site take place in mid-air Rabbits are typically good at jumping but they ve got nothing on their anthropomorphic cousin Turner the martial arts master and hero of this critter-bashing romp His leaping ability borders on the power of flight During those seconds suspended in the skies above the game s largely empty battlefields it feels like anything s possible Invariably the landing disappoints Sometimes fatally That s Overgrowth lots of potential rarely reached more…

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Bunny boxer Overgrowth is out now after 9 years

I already told you this but you weren t listening Rabbit kung fu game Overgrowth official site is out now for all your animal-punching pleasure It features the following Rats who stab A drop-kicking rabbit Wolves with no sense of clemency or grace Come and see what it looks like below in smashing GIF form more…

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Bunny brawler Overgrowth finally coming out next week

The rabbit roughhousing of Overgrowth official site is finally complete say developers Wolfire and a release date is set for Monday next week The physics-heavy martial arts adventure has been playable for years and years and year of course but by giving it a solid date of October Wolfire are saying right that s your lot Almost a decade of development is quite enough So if you want to kick rats or punch large cats in the belly or throw a sword at a wolf s head while he s not looking only to see him catch it with a…

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Overgrowth’s sixth and final beta adds the story mode

It s hard to write about Overgrowth official site without feeling a little old this is early access before that was even a thing According to my email archives I was first informed of Wolfire Games ninja rabbit simulator entering development in and I put down a preorder on it back in It feels very strange to say this but as of October th Overgrowth is now feature-complete and the latest version Beta will be the last step before launching in a few weeks with only minor tweaks tuning and bug-fixing planned before version more…

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trailers & gameplays

Overgrowth: The Bunny Combat Parkour Game

Overgrowth 2018 - Best Fight Compilation

Overgrowth funny/brutal moments compilation vol.2 [Ragdolls | Fails]

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