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Overcooked cd key is a digital product and activated through Steam platform. Just buy the game at any of our stores listed below, wait to receive the email with the cd key and then, add the cd key in your Steam library of games to start downloading Overcooked. Overcooked is a fun and entertaining game full of culinary challenges. But where it really lies the fun is in being able to play in cooperative mode with up to 4 players, in chaotic kitchens. To overcome the different challenges that appear in our kitchens, we´ll work as a team, and we and our team scullery be responsible for preparing, cooking and serving a range of tasty dishes before the customers get tired of waiting and march of our restaurant without paying. We will pass through different cuisines, each more cruel and unusual, up to become veterans and experts haute cuisine chefs. As we move forward, we will unlock new levels, new characters and even new competitive challenges, in which we can compete in teams of two in fighting face to face in the kitchen. Do not forget to check the opinions of our users for each store in the "+ info" button to know where to buy your games safely and quickly.

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news & articles

Overcooked on Nintendo Switch Patched to Fix Framerate

Developer Ghost Town Games has released the first of two planned patches for Overcooked Special Edition on Nintendo Switch As detailed in the developer's post the first patch is now live and addresses various different issues including the framerate and rumble problems that many players have run into IGN encountered these same issues in our review of the Switch port saying these problems keep the port from matching the best versions available Continue reading…

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Have You Played… Overcooked?

Have You Played is an endless stream of game retrospectives One a day every day perhaps for all time Overcooked official site is a silly funny joyous game about cooperative cooking Each player handles their own area of the kitchen or works at specific tasks and instructions or calls for help are passed back and forth as the orders pile up And then the dirty dishes pile up and somebody burns the soup and then the counters slide across the room because the boat has hit rough waters and why are we on a boat and will you please stop…

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Overcooked on Switch has some major frame rate problems

One could say it s undercooked Continue reading…

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Overcooked Dev Working on Fix for Switch Issues

Developer Ghost Town Games is aware of technical issues players have faced on the Nintendo Switch version of Overcooked and are working to resolve those issues We're currently working on an update to improve the frame rate issues folks have been seeing and hoping to roll out any changes as soon as we're able to the studio confirmed to IGN Players have reported running into frame rate and rumble issues in Overcooked Special Edition which launched on the Switch several days ago IGN encountered these same problems in our review of the Switch port as we said it has some…

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Overcooked Nintendo Switch Patch in the Works

The Overcooked devs told IGN they're aware of the Switch version's frame rate issues and are working to fix them…

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Overcooked on Switch has big performance problems

When Overcooked released last year it surprised everyone with its addictive cooperative gameplay and cooking antics - and it scooped a Eurogamer Recommended review It's a great little game - one that felt like a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch Now almost one year after its original launch date Overcooked has finally made its way to Nintendo's console hybrid platform Unfortunately the end results are - dare we say it - somewhat undercooked That's not to say that there aren't good points to the Switch release Docked mode delivers a full p image that closely matches existing versions of…

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trailers & gameplays

POT HEADS - Overcooked Gameplay

Let's Play - Overcooked

Overcooked - #1 - Save the World with Cooking!! (4 Player Overcooked Co-op Gameplay)

5 Minutes of Overcooked Gameplay - E3 2016