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Description & requirements

Attention: OCTOPATH TRAVELER is a game for Nintendo Switch, and like all games on the Nintendo system there are several versions: Physical version or digital version, as an eShop code or as a Nintendo account. pay attention before you buy this product to know which version you are buying and in the case of digital versions, read carefully the possible geographical restrictions you may have.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER will take us on a journey as one of the eight protagonists, each with their own origin, talents and goals, and each of them will have different ways of interaction between the NPCs of the game, offering a variety of ways to fulfill our missions and advance in our adventure. The battles are turn-based but with new mechanics that offer a touch of fresh air to the RPGs.

During combat we will accumulate Boost points with each battle turn we can spend to dramatically increase the strength of your attacks and abilities or use them to chain attacks.

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