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Description & requirements

Attention: This version of No Mans Sky is for Xbox One and can be available in physical or digital format. The digital format can be regionally locked, so we recommend that you read all the specifications carefully in each of the stores.

No Mans Sky is a ship simulator, where combat and survival will be the cornerstone of the title. A huge, ever-changing galaxy to explore. We will be able to visit every corner of this huge universe, from the farthest planets to the most impressive stars. 

In addition to conducting missions, fighting and exploring every corner of the galaxy, we will have to collect and trade materials in order to earn credits that we can use to improve our ship's combat capabilities, from weapons upgrades, to armor and shield upgrades, to increasing the power of our propellants. You'll have a multiplayer mode with which we can explore and fight our friends together.

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news & articles

No Man's Sky Adds A Music Maker So You Can Create Your Own Tunes

No Man's Sky has seen some major changes during with the 'Beyond' update introducing a bevy of changes and additions to the game on PS PC and Xbox One back in August Then in November update streamlined the play experience further and now update has added a new toy for players to tinker with Developer Hello Games has added the ByteBeat Device to No Man's Sky It's a synthesizer and sequencer that lets you program tunes for your base and it's a surprisingly powerful tool for music creation The ByteBeat can be set up at a player's base and from…

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You can now make your own dang music in No Man’s Sky

Hello Games You can even tie multiple machines together to create complex sounds Continue reading…

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No Man's Sky Update Adds Full Audio Creation Tools

No Man s Sky is giving players the gift of music this holiday season with a surprise update that adds a full music creation tool into the game The free update will allow No Man s Sky players to create custom beats they can play in their base In the No Man s Sky update Hello Games added a new tool called the ByteBeat Device It s a full-on audio creation tool that can generate beats to play on your base By default the tool will procedurally generate random presets but seasons musicians can venture into the advance setting and…

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No Man's Sky's new device lets you design music for your base

According to Hello Games players spend a lot of time designing their bases in No Man s Sky these days They say a frequent player request was for the ability to add sounds or music to their planetary homes Apparently one of the coders at Hello Games was quite into the idea and integrated a system for programatically generating music Players can leave the algorithmic music as is or use the new ByteBeat device to edit it themselves Now you can invite your friends over for a dance party set to spacey chip tunes and create an in-game light show…

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No Man's Sky Synthesis update lets you salvage ships and pack more heat

When Hello Games announced last week that their next update would improve nearly every part of No Man s Sky in some way they weren t trading in hyperbole The now-live Synthesis update squashes bugs and smooths out base building sure But the marquee additions that elevate it above mere housekeeping include the ability to salvage your ship for parts carry a handful of multi-tools on your person and grind n combine elements within your handy space backpack more…

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No Man's Sky Synthesis Update Adds Starship Upgrades, Multiple Weapons, And Much More

No Man's Sky has another huge update coming on November and it'll add numerous features and improvements to the space exploration game Update which is called Synthesis is geared towards tackling some of the game's potentially more frustrating elements increasing storage and making a few actions easier to perform This update will be available for the PlayStation PC and Xbox One versions of the game Announcing The Synthesis Update Ship salvaging First person exocraft Multiple weapons Ship upgrading VR improvements Tri base building parts Backpack refiner plus nearly tweaks and changes for this game we love so much https t…

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trailers & gameplays

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