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Compare best prices for Nioh for PS4 and buy it in the most importan online stores of Internet. There are two versions of Nioh, the physical version and the digital version, in cd key or account format, so pay attention to the information in each store to see which version of Nioh you´re going to buy. In this action-strategy title, set in feudal and fantastic Japan , players will have the opportunity to cross one of the most turbulent times in the history of Japan. Most of the territories of Japan have been devastated for a terrible war against the demons that has lasted years. We will be the ones who come before the advance of the demonic legions. Our character is a swordsman with blonde hair and a reputation as a warrior, we are also one of the few who has the knowledge about how to annihilate the demons. The fighting centered on the melee, realistic and dynamic, allowing manage our katana easily and speed, but also need to master certain tactical and strategic aspects if we succeed in our mission to end the threat that plagues this world. It also has an extra level of difficulty for the boldest, where it will test all our skills with weapons and where we must have patience, intelligence and cunning if we want to end this complicated gameplay. Do not forget that all the stores we have listed in gocdkeys have been tested and verified by our team, so they are totally reliable (you can read reviews and ratings shops in the + info button find next to each).

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news & articles

Here's What A $1,000 Nioh Statue Looks Like

If you enjoyed the PS -exclusive game Nioh you may be interested in pre-ordering a new statue from Prime Studio That is you may want to buy it if you really really enjoyed the game and you happen to have to spare--because that's how much this statue will set you back Just what kind of Nioh statue do you get for Let's take a look The statue features Nioh protagonist William Adams and his guardian spirit Saorise who was as the description reads born from human prayers The statue is inches tall and made from polystone Only statues will be…

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Daily Deals: Deus Ex, God Eater 2, and Mafia III for PC All for $12, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn

Welcome to IGN's Daily Deals your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy If you buy something through this post IGN may get a share of the sale For more read our Terms of Use Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to get the latest deals New Humble Bundle includes Deus Ex Mankind Divided God Eater Rage Burst and Mafia III all for only Continue reading…

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Nioh PC gets belated mouse and keyboard support

Nioh is a peculiar beast in that we consider it to possess one of the finest combat systems ever put on a screen but at the same time its lack of keyboard and mouse support makes it a bit of a black sheep in the PC family Dark Souls comparisons have been inevitable for Nioh not only because of its steely try n die fantasy swordplay but also because Dark Souls too originally launched on PC in a rather compromised state Fortunately official fixes for Nioh have been a whole lot quicker to arrive it s about to support the…

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Nioh PC Complete Edition Out Now On Steam; Check Out Some Max Settings Gameplay

PC owners had to wait longer than their PS counterparts to get their hands on Team Ninja's Nioh but it's arguably worth the wait Nioh arrived today on Steam in the form of a Complete Edition which includes all of its DLC for In the video above you can check out some footage of the game running on PC at max settings We take on Hino-Enma the game's second boss as well as a variety of lesser enemies While offering enhanced visuals this is still the same game that released earlier this year on PS --where it was quite good…

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Nioh: Complete Edition

Ready to die Experience the newest brutal action game from Team NINJA and Koei Tecmo Games In the age of samurai a lone traveler lands on the shores of Japan He must fight his way through the vicious warriors and supernatural Yokai that infest the land in order to find that which he seeks Publisher Koei Tecmo Games Release Date Nov…

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Nioh hacks and slashes onto PC

Team Ninja s action-RPG Nioh arrived on PC this morning letting us join in the fun nineteen months after its PlayStation debut It s a fantasy bloodbath set around Sengoku-period Japan cutting through monsters and demons from your classic big ol ogreish oni through to stranger ones like the wany d a burning cart wheel with a man s head on the axle Many often compare Nioh to Dark Souls because it s a whole chuffing lot like Souls though our Adam will argue it s going in a different direction We have a review coming soon but for now…

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trailers & gameplays

NIOH Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Samurai (PS4 Pro)

NIOH Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD 60FPS PS4 PRO] - No Commentary

15 Minutes of New Nioh Gameplay

Nioh - New PS4 Pro Gameplay - Ogress Boss Battle!