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Amazon UK Global Payments
Custo Kit $4.59
Walmart Global Payments
Custo Kit $6.00
Game UK Global Payments
Custo Kit $8.99
Base Global Payments
Custo Kit $11.38
Amazon UK Global Payments
VR Set Exp 2 $23.68
Walmart Global Payments
VR Kit $38.00
Amazon UK Global Payments
Robot Kit $41.17
Amazon UK Global Payments
Toy Con 01 $45.88
Amazon UK Global Payments
Vehicles Kit $51.79
Walmart Global Payments
Toy Con 01 $54.00
Base Global Payments
Robot Kit $55.04
Base Global Payments
Toy Con 01 $55.29
Walmart Global Payments
Vehicles Kit $61.00
Amazon UK Global Payments
VR Kit $63.46
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Do you want to find the best prices and offers for Nintendo Switch Labo Kits?

Then you're in luck! Since from Gocdkeys we are dedicated to compare the prices of the best online stores, so that our users can find the cheapest price of a huge amount of games and products, and in this case, for the fun Nintendo building kit, known as Kits Labo.

No more searching store by store the best prices for Nintendo Switch Labo Kits, now from Gocdkeys you can find all the prices together to make it easier to find the deals and the lowest prices.

What will you find in this price list of Nintendo Labo Kit?

What we expose from Gocdkeys is a price comparison of all stores that sell these Nintendo Switch construction Kits, so it will be much easier to find the cheapest price or the best deal.

Currently there are four different Nintendo KITs, the LABO Customization, the Vehicle KIT, the LABO Toy CON, and the LABO Robot. Each of these LABOs comes with unique pieces to shape and create whatever you want.

Remember that you can use our filters, at the top of the list, to filter by types of hands or models, which will reduce your search time.

If you have always wanted to build and create your own inventions, now you are in luck, Nintendo Labo offers you a new range of interactive experiences with which to create, play and discover. With each Nintendo Labo kit, players of all generations can transform cardboard plates specially designed to interact with Nintendo Switch.

The Toy-Con, which can be from a piano to a motorcycle, through a robot and many other things, come to life when combined with Nintendo Switch in different ways. As you create your Toy-Con, you will have fun discovering how technology works and inventing new ways to play with it.

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