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Neverwinter is one of the most popular RPG games and currently this universe has a very successful MMORPG with thousands of players worldwide. Now, we can buy new content packs with which it is possible to obtain a lot of useful elements and items for the game, and that will help us in our adventure through the Neverwinter universe. Neverwinter: Hero of the North Pack comes with 17 items: Renegade Menzoberranzan, allowing us to unlock access to a single playable race with unique powers and characteristic cosmetic tattoos. A heavy giant spider, with which we can terrorize our enemies and loaded from a frame with 8 legs. Panther, a fierce but loyal creature, that will help us kill anyone who gets in our way. Also includes Moonstone Regalia Gilded outfit, a Delzoun Treasure Box which includes a level 60 epic weapon enchanted with a unique visual effect. Graycloak legacy with which we begin our quest with a mastercrafted weapon. And much more ingame content, including kits, weapons and XP Booster. Plus we will have at our disposal 2000000 Astral Diamonds , which we can use to buy whatever we want. A comprehensive package with lots of items.

Comments and reviews

awesome game

November 12, 2016

Great game so far.

February 09, 2016

Great game, this pack is great love the spider

January 30, 2016

awesome game !

May 10, 2015
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