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The veteran Neverwinter universe expands with content packages for their online adventure. Legend Dragonborn Package for MMORPG Neverwinter includes a total of 12 items to deal with any enemy that we get in the way during our adventure. With this pack, you will have access to the Dragonborn race for the first time in the game, and is the only race that allows players to add +2 to two statistics. They also come with additional racial bonuses, including 5% more healing from all sources and 5% chance to apply Draconic Fury attack, increased power and critical 3%. It also includes Heart of the Red Dragon Artifact, used by the ancient human Empire Dragon, this artifact allowed to breathe flame, so that the Draconic characters can use their affinity for even greater effects of this artifact. Ring of Dragon Slaying, an epic ring growing power went up a level and makes our attacks dragons are brutal. And much more content among which are: Draconic Enchantment, Race Change Token, Extra Character Slot, Dragon Hoard (30 Slot Bag) and much more.

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want it bad

January 11, 2016
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