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The new Microsoft console, or rather consoles, is approaching, as two completely different versions of the new Xbox are released. Both will arrive on November 10th and from Gocdkeys we want to help you book the brand new Microsoft console, in this case the Xbox Series S, at the best possible price on the Internet.

Do you want to find the best price for the new Xbox Series S? 

To fulfill our mission, we used our price and offer search engine, now adapted to locate the most relevant price variations of this new console so you can book the new Xbox Series S at the best possible price. In the price list that you will see above, the most relevant stores on the Internet that currently have reservations for the Xbox Series S are listed.

It is possible that during the launch most stores will have the same prices, since the standard price will be 299 euros, although over time offers and discounts will appear that we will reflect in the price comparison for this console. If you are not one of those people who want the Xbox Series S from day one, in Gocdkeys you will find the most useful tool to keep abreast of future discounts and price reductions that each store will make. 

What versions of the Xbox Series S will you find in Gocdkeys? 

At the moment we will only list the basic console pack, which includes the new Xbox Series S along with a controller, although in the future we will surely appear other packs with games and even with two controllers or Xbox Game Pass subscription, in which case we will indicate which version it is with a label next to the price of each store. 

What advantages will we get if we buy the Xbox Series S? 

The new Xbox Series S makes the most of our Xbox Game Pass subscription, as it will only be able to play games via digital download. Unlike its sister, the Xbox Series X, the S version of the console has a little less power and less resolution, 2K versus the 4K that the Xbox Series X is capable of, although both are prepared for Ray-Tracing and Xbox Velocity acceleration technology, as well as backward compatibility with the entire Xbox game catalog.

In exchange for slightly lower technical specifications, but still very powerful compared to current consoles, we will be able to get the new Microsoft console at a more affordable price. Don't forget that you can create a "Price Alert" from the button at the top of the list to be aware of any decrease in the price of the Xbox Series S and get this incredible console at the best possible price.