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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is another adventure of the mythical character of Nintendo for the new console Nintendo Switch.

Together with Mario we will enter the Mushroom Kingdom, where rabbids troublemakers have created an unparalleled chaos, and our bold and brave plumber must solve. A huge world, full of traps, minigames and dangers that reminds us in many ways of one of Mario's greatest adventures, the Mario 64 of the old Nintendo 64 console.

But now, Mario and company can use all kinds of weapons to end this threat that ravages the mushroom kingdom. The game mechanics of this new Mario also vary with respect to previous deliveries and introduces new forms of gameplay.

On the one hand, the battles will be executed in turns, so in our turn we can strategically place our heroes, either in an advantageous position, in higher places or even use the pipeline system and the destructible scenarios. Also we will have available a system of coverings, and trees of abilities for each one of the personages, reason why also has elements of the RPG.

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