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The Mario Kart series is one of the most successful franchises of Nintendo consoles, and now come back with this delivery, the eighth since its launch, which will transport us to the crazy races starring Mario and other Nintendo characters. The basic pillars that have made this franchises big over time to remain intact: high speed, gadgets to knock our opponents, crazy and fun races, and this eighth installment with some very interesting new features for multiplayer. Mario Kart 8 comes loaded with new features, but the most notable is the ability to use antigravity vehicles, so it is now possible to run up walls and ceilings, which offers new possibilities and a lot more fun. In the visuals, racing graphics will now be in high definition, with a constant 60 frames per second. Also added new circuits created from scratch to take full advantage of the chance to drive upside down, but we can still enjoy the classic circuits. As mentioned, in multiplayer we can enjoy the iconic split-screen racing for up to four players or in their free online play with up to 12 simultaneous players. Mario Kart 8 brings racing to another level.

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Mario Kart 8 Switch Update Out Now, Adds Video Capture And Adjusts Blue Shell

Coinciding with Nintendo Switch's big firmware update Nintendo has released a new patch for Mario Kart Deluxe The update adds the ability to capture footage and makes a couple of gameplay tweaks including to the dreaded Blue Shell One of the biggest features introduced in Switch's new firmware update is the ability to record and save videos of your gameplay With the patch Mario Kart Deluxe is one of the four titles to support the functionality thus far the other three being The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Arms and Splatoon Once the update has been installed you'll…

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See Rick and Morty Driving in Mario Kart 8 in Modded GTA 5

This may be the most ridiculous mod combination I ve seen yet YouTuber Modded Games has dropped Rick and Morty into Grand Theft Auto then put them both into the Zelda course from Mario Kart still in GTA and made Morty race around the track Watch this lunacy in action right here The full video has Rick and Morty exploring other games and locations to show off a portal gun mod from the show including the Last of Us universe and GTA s Liberty City You can watch the whole thing right here Continue reading…

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Patch Out Now, Here's What It Does

A new patch for Mario Kart Deluxe has arrived but it doesn't add any features or functionality to the Nintendo Switch racing game Update released today fixes a problem that could make it take longer to get back to the lobby in some situations The one-line patch notes read via Nintendo Everything Corrected an issue that prolonged the time to return to the lobby after races near the start and end times of online tournaments This is the third patch for Mario Kart Deluxe since its release in April The most recent one before this tweaked the online mode to…

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Zoomed Out Mario Kart 8 Levels Show Scale of Tracks

Thanks to the work of a YouTube literally breaking the boundaries of Mario Kart levels we've reportedly gotten a better look at just how detailed the worlds of each individual track actually are YouTube user Shesez who runs a video series called Boundary Break has broken outside the standard framework of Mario Kart levels to offer a zoomed out view of particular levels like Ribbon Road The image reveals the highly detailed child's bedroom surrounding the toy-sized track Ribbon Road via Shesez Continue reading…

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s new update gives online players a big boost

Back of the pack gets a chance to head to the front Continue reading…

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