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Description & requirements

In Mad Max we'll get into the skin of the main character in the film, a slick fighter , very dangerous over short distances . Although his favorite weapon is the shotgun, due to shortage of ammunition , we use their fists too. Chumbucket be our faithful companion, whose mission will be to update the Magnum Opus Max vehicle with parts that we will found . In addition we can customize our Magnum Opus , Max vehicle , changing the engine faster one , also the ability to charge , chassis , wheels, and more. Obviously our vehicle driving and combat from the very be a fundamental part of the game , and then the game enter in slow motion and allow us to switch between targets. We will also have a crafting system that can be used to make new weapons and tools. The game modes are varied , allowing us to choose stealth or play aggressively and face to face our enemies.

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Mad Max Fury Road director George Miller is suing Warner Bros for failing to pay him a multimillion-dollar bonus for his work on the film Sydney Morning Herald reports Miller is taking the studio to court in Australia as Miller believes Warner Bros was contracted to pay him a million bonus if Fury Road came in at a final cost of less than million Warner Bros says the movie did go over budget but Miller believes he is still entitled to that bonus because of decisions that forced substantial changes and delays which ultimately put the film over budget We…

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Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel In Limbo As Director Sues Studio

Ever since the acclaimed action movie Mad Max Fury Road hit theaters in director George Miller has been talking about his plans for a follow-up Despite rumors last year that the sequel was close to production there has been no further news about it It seems we now have a reason why progress has stalled--Miller is suing the studio As reported by Deadline Miller has taken Warner to court in his native Australia alleging that the company reneged on paying him a multimillion-dollar bonus for Fury Road The director claims that the studio agreed to pay him a million bonus…

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As the town preps for Halloween in the Season premiere a high-scoring rival shakes things up at the arcade and a skeptical Hopper inspects a field of rotting pumpkins…

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Spoilers for Stranger Things up through Episode Madmax below Stranger Things Season is finally here and it wasted no time in clearing up some central mysteries Eleven is alive and she's living with Hopper Will is indeed unwell as the Season finale hinted at when he barfed an alien slug into the sink Yes there are more psychic kids like Eleven Props to the show for that banger of a cold open Number 's reveal--let's call her Kali like her friends do--was a perfect way to expand the scope of Stranger Things' universe answer a burning question and make viewers…

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Stranger Things: "MadMax" Review

Full spoilers for Stranger Things episode MadMax continue below Make sure to read all of our Season reviews here Stranger Things is expanding in new and exciting ways with its thrilling Season premiere The Duffer Brothers aren t simply relying on s nostalgia to give weight to their diverse group of characters but instead they are delving deeper into the lore and mythology that make up this strange world we call Hawkins Indiana The reveal of a new group of misfits in Pittsburgh during a high-speed chase with the cops is where we ll begin our journey So many questions…

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