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Description & requirements

In Mad Max we'll get into the skin of the main character in the film, a slick fighter , very dangerous over short distances . Although his favorite weapon is the shotgun, due to shortage of ammunition , we use their fists too. Chumbucket be our faithful companion, whose mission will be to update the Magnum Opus Max vehicle with parts that we will found . In addition we can customize our Magnum Opus , Max vehicle , changing the engine faster one , also the ability to charge , chassis , wheels, and more. Obviously our vehicle driving and combat from the very be a fundamental part of the game , and then the game enter in slow motion and allow us to switch between targets. We will also have a crafting system that can be used to make new weapons and tools. The game modes are varied , allowing us to choose stealth or play aggressively and face to face our enemies.

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news & articles

Mad Max and the open world game as character study

I'm not sure I fully understood the Mad Max game until I read one particular loading screen tip Not that on the surface there's a lot to misunderstand of course The plot of Avalanche's Mad Max game can be summed up as follows man beats up other men in order to rebuild his car Mechanically it's pretty straightforward too you drive about you beat up men you upgrade things so that you're better at driving and beating up men You explore you solve simple physics-based puzzles you encounter as you explore You unlock the map so that you can explore…

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Awful Squad: Mad Max-ing it up in PUBG

The whole gang returns to play some PUBG along with some new faces Continue reading…

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Rick And Morty's Mad Max Episode Wasn't Just A Dumb Tribute

If you're already in love with Rick and Morty it won't surprise you to read this It's not a dumb show A dumb show in its third season might have been content to do just a dumb Mad Max tribute episode Rick and Morty of course did something better Don't misinterpret this Rick and Morty Season episode Rickmancing the Stone is absolutely a great Mad Max parody It's just that unsurprisingly it does the smart show thing and uses that joke to say something more The season premiere--which don't forget aired earlier this year on April --established one very important…

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New Rick And Morty Trailer Teases Season 3 Mad Max Tribute

I want to watch an entire documentary on the making of a Rick and Morty episode Until that happens there's a tounge-in-cheek teaser trailer for season of the show embedded above to help fill that longing Showing off scenes from the second episode of Rick and Morty titled Wasteland both the episode and the trailer's behind-the-scenes style clearly riff on last year's blockbuster success Mad Max Fury Road But you don't need to read my description of it just watch the video Season debuted a little earlier than fans expected this year kicking off with an April Fool's gag wherein…

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DC Goes Mad Max in Gotham City Garage

DC Comics will be giving their iconic heroes and villains a biker-flavored makeover in their latest digital-first series Gotham City Garage Based on the popular collectibles line Gotham City Garage will re-imagine the DCU as a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic wasteland where characters like Wonder Woman Catwoman and Harley Quinn are now motorcycle-riding outlaws Gotham City Garage will be written by Jackson Lanzig and Collin Kelly Grayson and will feature a rotating team of artists that includes Brian Ching Supergirl and newcomer Lynne Yoshii Gotham City Garage cover by Dan Panosian DC Comics Continue reading…

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