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Description & requirements

Kyn is a single player videogame whose strength will be fighting for teams, in a fascinating world where we are free to explore. In the world of Kyn , magic is a feared power that has led to many tragedies in the past. Only the brightest and prepared warriors are allowed to use it, but still, the rumors of abuse of magic by more people are becoming more frequent. And there are signs that peace in the kingdom last much longer. In Kyn we can control a group of highly skilled warriors in many battlefields and will have total freedom to develop our team. We must equip our soldiers with the best products and optimize their skills to their playing style and mission that we occupy . KYN also has synergy between skills, system skills which have a great influence on others , and if we equip certain right skills can be very powerful combinations . Kyn \'s world is not just a linear battlefield , is full of stories, puzzles and challenges. We also have a system of Loot , Crafting and Recipes , whereby we can create or find arsenals scattered in battlefields .

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