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Description & requirements

Compare the best prices and buy Kenshi cd key at best stores. This product is a digital version, that is, you will recive a cd key of Kenshi into your email and you will must add it into your Steam user account. Kenshi is an RPG in a sandbox in which we have complete freedom to do and build whatever we want. We ill can be any profession we can think, from an honest trader, through a cunning thief, a rebel, an adventurer, a farmer, a slave and even a warlord, the limit is our imagination. We can reform and constructing buildings to suit our needs, create a refuge from attacks or turn it into an armaments factory. We can create and build our own platoon, and even the men who will form, changing its appearance and making them grow after each fight, so they gain experience and become stronger. We can get hold of a location to build our own home base, where we can research new technologies, build defensive structures, create weapons ... The truth is that Kenshi offers a freedom rarely seen in a video game, may embody any role we want. A world of possibilities awaits us in this great RPG where freedom of creation and action reaches heights rarely seen. Gocdkeys is a price comparison and does not sell anything directly, but we offer support to our users (through the Contact tab) to solve any problems that may arise with the shops.

System Requirements

  • OS:64-bit Windows
  • Processor:Dual-core 64-bit
  • Memory:6 GB RAM
  • Graphics:Pixel shader 3.0 capable card
  • DirectX®:11
  • Hard Drive:14GB HD space

  • OS:Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor:Quad-core 64-bit
  • Memory:16 GB RAM
  • DirectX®:11
  • Hard Drive:14GB HD space

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Every week we cast Brendan into the early access badlands in nothing but rags This time the hot mess of genre that is survival-strategy-city-builder-RPG Kenshi official site You could call Kenshi an RPG you could call it a survival game Or you could call it a chaotic jumble of good ideas stitched together via a user interface that would make a Wurm player eat their keyboard in a blind rage I mention Wurm Online only because this feels like the closest comparison Except this isn t online It s set in a single-player fantasy Japanese world of skeletal robots and…

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