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TOP 3 REASONS TO BUY Kena Bridge of Spirits FOR PS4

1- Become a spirit guide capable of using magic to defeat her enemies.

2- Explore a colorful fantasy world in search of a lost temple.

3- Find the little spirits and turn them into your allies to customize your equipment.

INFORMATION ABOUT Kena Bridge of Spirits


It is an adventure and action videogame with a mythological setting that invites you to explore a world full of amazing locations and quests to perform following the style of games like Zelda Brath of The Wild or Immortals: Fenyx Rising.


Accompany Kena on her journey, a young apprentice spiritual guide who has set out to find the legendary Temple of the Sacred Mountain. But on the way, she will arrive at an abandoned village where a strange corruption has begun to infect everything and has caused the appearance of strange and powerful creatures...


- Explore a vast fantasy universe in search of new locations and quests.

- Find little Rot spirits to accompany you on your journey.

- Power up your defensive and offensive abilities by using your accumulated Rot.

- Find the balance between using Rot to perform great attacks or to recover your health.

- Find powerful items to enhance your character's mystical and magical abilities.

- Confront corruption and defeat the fearsome enemies it has spawned.

WHEN IS Kena Bridge of Spirits LAUNCHING?

The expected release date from the PlayStation gaming platform is August 24, 2021. If you purchase the digital Key version of Kena Bridge of Spirits, stores will ship it a day or two before release, so you can pre-download the game on that platform.

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