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Hotline Miami is a game full of action, full of raw brutality, shootings and blood everywhere. Set in an alternate reality in 1989 in Miami, you will assume the role of a mysterious antihero on a murderous rampage. Soon, you will find yourself struggling to get control of the situation and why you are prone to such violence. One of the most gore games that you have never seen is waitting you...

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Frenético, adictivo, inmersivo, muy buena idea, seguro que tanto este como futuros títulos tienen mucho éxito.

October 15, 2014
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news & articles

Disjunction is like a stealthier, cyberpunkier Hotline Miami

I like a good sneak and bop Especially when that sneaking is cyberpunk-flavoured and people shout at me if my bopping turns to killing Disjunction is an upcoming cyberpunk stealth action RPG where precisely that happened in its free alpha demo I was lured in by the trailer below which asks what if Hotline Miami had abilities and answers with slightly more tactical murders more…

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Bloodroots Plays Like Hotline Miami Meets Samurai Jack in the Woods

Bloodroots offers fast furious and fun combat where just about anything from carrots to axes can be deadly…

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Bloodroots Feels Like Samurai Jack Meets Hotline Miami

Bloodroots inspirations were clear to me even before the developers from Paper Cult rattled them off Jackie Chan movies Samurai Jack and Hotline Miami among them But rather than just a simple pastiche the level of this brutal fast and fluid action game takes its inspirations and crafts something unique and satisfying Just about anything in Bloodroots can be a weapon As I stepped into the shoes of a wolf head-wearing lumberjack I could grab anything from splinters of wood to naturally axes to carrots to one-hit kill every foe in my path Combat is an improvisational spectacle and I…

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Bloodroots looks like Hotline Miami dialled up the American frontier

IN A WORLD where everyone important wears character-defining animal skins on their heads one man must set forth on a path of destruction in search of the reason for his betrayal It s not the plot that grabs me about Bloodroots though It s the slick Hotline Miami-esque clobbering in the announcement trailer below more…

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God’s Trigger is cooperative Hotline Miami with a devilish twist

God s Trigger killed me at least twenty times in five minutes Announced at Gamescom this week it s a new title from Techland that plays out very much like the two-player cooperative take on Hotline Miami that the trailer suggested it might be You can see that trailer below followed by my thoughts after fifteen minutes of play and another forty or fifty bloody deaths more…

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Hotline Miami: BLOODY GOOD FUN

Hotline Miami Gameplay (PC HD)

Hotline Miami Walkthrough Part 1 - Extremely Hard Game - PC 1080p IFreeMz

Hotline Miami gameplay