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Buy Hitman for PS4 at best price has never been easier! Now you can preorder Hitman for PS4 in any of the online stores that we have selected for you. From Gocdkeys you will see a price comparison, ordered from smallest to largest price, where you can choose the best possible price for Hitman for PS4 console, in the best online stores. New infiltration and stealth game set in Hitman universe, and this new release will be an evolutionary leap for this great saga, full of new additions and blends seamlessly action, stealth, exploration and strategy components. The launch of the new Hitman will be March 11, 2016 and it will incorporate a new story and many improvements over previous releases. On the one hand we have a quantum leap in terms of graphics, allowing squeeze the full potential of next-generation consoles. New game modes, new interface and a full online mode and many more new features that make you feel like a real murderer. Remember that all stores appearing in gocdkeys have been tested by our team so they are 100% reliable, even so, we recommend you read carefully the specifications in each store about the time of shipping, ways of activation (in case digital edition) versions and methods of payment.

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news & articles

Hitman TV Show Teased by DC's Geoff Johns

Garth Ennis' Hitman comic book character may get his own TV show Although it isn't official DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns teased We are talking about Hitman during a panel at the DC in DC event according to Comic Book Resources Hitman is a s comic book created by Garth Ennis and John McCrea centering around superpowered ex-Marine turned hitman Tommy Monaghan Monaghan operates in Gotham City which could have interesting implications if the show joins the larger CW DC Universe In other DC news the Green Lantern Corps film is still in the works despite the DC…

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A Chunk Of Hitman Is Free On PS4, Xbox One, And PC Right Now

If you've yet to try 's Hitman reboot now could be a good time to dive in The game's first proper chapter set in Paris is currently free on PS Xbox One and PC In addition developer IO has announced the game's Christmas-themed missions are going free of charge for a limited time The game's introduction has been free since June but Paris marks Hitman's first fully-fledged portion and it's a great example of what the game offers This free version of the level includes everything you'd get if you'd paid for it and it's free from now until January…

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Square Enix share their reasons for dropping Hitman studio Io

Although they now seem to have landed on their feet there was a few weeks where we weren t sure what would become of Io Interactive and their revitalised Hitman series after they were cut loose by publisher Square Enix Now that the dust has settled and everything seems to have resolved itself in the best possible way Square Enix are ready to talk about what happened behind the scenes In an interview with Gameindustry biz CEO Yosuke Matsuda laid out the facts at least so far as the company was free to reveal In summary blame Disney I m…

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Why Square Enix Let IO Interactive Keep Hitman IP

Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda recently explained why it allowed IO Interactive to keep the Hitman IP when the two parted ways earlier this year highlighting the intrinsic tie between the studio and its stealth-action franchise It's because I believe it wouldn't be Hitman unless it was Hitman made by IO Matsuda told GamesIndustry biz adding that he believes fans of the series feel the same way I believe the fans of Hitman think it's only Hitman if it's made by IO So I thought that was the best way for the game to continue and that's why…

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Hitman's Elusive Targets Are Back for a Limited Time

IO Interactive has brought Elusive Targets back to Hitman for a limited time Sergei Larin aka The Forger is currently active in Paris and will remain active until November being the first of many Elusive Targets cycling through the episodic assassination game according to IO Interactive Elusive Targets are unique contracts that players only have one chance to kill Whether they succeed or fail that attempt is all there is Elusive Targets do not appear on the map or in Instinct Instead players will need to parse clues from briefing materials and study their reference photograph to track down their…

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trailers & gameplays

Hitman Escalation Gameplay: STRESSFUL STEALTH SNIPING (Cheveyo Calibration Escalation)

SILENT ASSASSIN!! (Hitman, Episode 4)

ULTIMATE ASSASSIN!! (Hitman, Episode 1)

HITMAN ps4 gameplay