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Collection of all famous Hitman games. A collector package offered at a ridiculous price all of the following titles: Hitman Absolution, which is the latest release of the franchise and where Agent 47 is involved in a conspiracy. It also includes the Hitman Blood Money, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman. Codename 47. An authentic collection for fans of the series and download directly from the Steam platform.

Comments and reviews

Revisit the first hitman games. They were stunning and amazingly enough, they still pass the test of time.

Sure they might be not "4K" or other what not, but the gameplay is here: careful tactics and hitting the "reset button".

The first Hitman was peculiar, slow paced but still so lovable. See this one has "rough but still has a spirit". The second one is certainly an upgrade (graphic and gameplay wise) but it's the third one (blood money) which was my favorite.

Decent graphics, complex levels and having to upgrade your weapons in between game to decide with what tactic you'd go. My favorite level was the birthday party, being able to disguise as a clown and get the job done, is quite something. The traps were elaborated and the story, way better than the hitman movies.

Now, the last one (Absolution) isn't the LAST one up to date (which is HITMAN (heck with naming games nowaday... It's like we lost inspiration or wanting to create new games rather than reboots), but it's a nice, enjoyable experience. It's not as tactical as the others and is way more sympathetic to the player. "You fucked up? Oh it's okay, you can use this ability" "Seeing through walls? Okay" "Hiding in plain sight to rush the level? Okay". I know some people really like those kind of game or appreciate casualized games because they have little time to invest, but it still lead to poor scenario and not that great of game mechanisms. In the end, I prefer blood money over Absolution, even if Absolution is slicker, more beautiful and full of goodies.

I guess it's only my opinion.

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September 09, 2015