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Hand of Fate
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Description & requirements

Hand of Fate is a game of deck construction, but with the peculiarity: our deck come alive, so that as we go playing cards we can see how our heroes defeat monsters. Gender mix of cards and RPG games. As we move forward in our adventure, we will unlock new cards, powers and spells, and all manner of creatures to face the forces of evil. We will build a deck to our liking from a set of cards and then use them to deal with the dangerous dungeons in which we go into our adventure. When you enter a battle, all the cards we've collected come alive and startthe combat.

Comments and reviews

Amazing looking game which will probably make you reach for your old card decks and just imagine plenty of magical stories.
Meet an old guy who will send you on a quest through his deck of cards, solve enigmas, be kind (or not), get rewarded (or cursed) and get new cards and quests to expand on the replayability.
Not only a card game, you also have 3rd person phases where you have to fight against anything from skeletons to giant lizards.
Replenish your health, sell your items and venture on another card aventure!


This game looks amazing

August 11, 2015
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news & articles

Hand Of Fate 2 gets gobby

I ve not waddled back over to solid CCG rougelite combo Hand Of Fate since reviewing it last year but the sound of goblin trumpets drew me back today HOF s Arkham-lite fighting was always a lot less interesting than its deck-building and choose-your-own-adventure progression but that had a lot to do with seeing the same few types of Bad Man time and again The free Goblins update out now shuffles new threats into the deck those being pint-sized pea green murder-bastards with far too many teeth Equally homicidal gnomes with a few straight outta Lilliput combat tricks seem to…

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Hand of Fate 2 goes all-in with its Endless Mode update

Hand of Fate that weird brilliant blend of solitaire deck-building RPG roguelike and hack n slash action game has been improving steadily since launch Free new characters mod support and now an endless challenge mode with global leaderboards Can you hear the heart of the cards Well you shouldn t that s another game entirely but this is a great reason to come back and ask The Dealer for a fresh hand more…

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Hand Of Fate 2 shuffles in mod support

Card-collecting action-RPG Hand Of Fate has launched mod tools to let players make their own campaigns with new cards and events and whatnot Defiant Development say these are the same tools they used to create Hand of Fate s own campaign so there s your bar now hurdle it The tools are free to download and the game now has a Steam Workshop for players to easily install mods from Your challenge is to create an RPS-themed campaign with boss battles based on our strengths and horrible fatal flaws more…

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Hand of Fate 2’s best character becomes semi-playable in free DLC

Hand Of Fate is a nail-on-the-head sequel and one of our GOTYs hanging onto what made the first game s card game roguelite brawling combo so compelling while expanding in smart ways that save it from repetition However one thing it arguably didn t do was make the best of HOF s excellent sneering narrator nemesis figure The Dealer who in HOF has an altogether more chillaxed thing going on The good news is that the game s first DLC due out tomorrow and which is also free is very much Dealer-centric The news I genuinely don t know what…

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Hand of Fate 2

Hand of Fate is a dungeon crawler set in a world of dark fantasy Master a living board game where every stage of the adventure is drawn from a deck of legendary encounters chosen by you Publisher Defiant Development Release Date Dec…

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Hand Of Fate 2 Review

The original Hand of Fate succeeded largely on the strength of its concept It combined the rules of a roguelike with a deck-building card game to create something unique and the devious ever-present Dealer made the whole thing feel like a single-player Dungeons amp Dragons experience where the Dungeon Master was actively trying to stop you It was a great idea but had some major issues that held it back from reaching its full potential It was a good game crying out for a great follow-up thankfully Hand of Fate has delivered just that In each of the sequel's missions…

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