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Description & requirements

Ghost Recon Wildlands for Xbox One is the third delivery of the Ubisoft tactical shooter, but with a change of style that make it unique in the saga. Now it will be a sandbox in a huge persistent map where we will have total freedom of movement and action, being able to visit any point of this. We will again direct our team of elite soldiers, but this time in the most dangerous mission we have ever done, stop and destroy the dangerous drug cartel in Bolivia. Our team of Ghosts, elite soldiers of US Special Forces, will be equipped with the most advanced weapons technology available, and along with the improved skills, as well as vehicles, drones and all sorts of gadgets, we will face the most dangerous of the drug cartels, and all kinds of terrain, mountains or valleys, making use of the terrain not only to camouflage us, but also implementing strategies and advanced combat tactics that will help us to enhance our actions. We will have a solitary game mode or a cooperative game mode with up to 4 friends where each one will carry a soldier of the Ghost command, and where coordination will be fundamental to reach our objectives.

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news & articles

New Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Comes Next Week, Adds New PvP Features

Ubisoft has announced the next update for Ghost Recon Wildlands titled Special Operations The update launches on all platforms on December and mostly introduces new PvP features Special Operations includes a new PvE mission and in-game rewards including two PvP classes inspired by the theme of the update's mission Ubisoft has not announced what the theme of this mission might be but previous ones have included characters from other Tom Clancy games like Rainbow Six Siege and Splinter Cell The update also adds two new PvP multiplayer maps The mission in-game rewards and maps will be available for all players…

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How To Play Play Ghost Recon: Wildlands For Free This Weekend

Looking for something to play this weekend and don't want to spend any money Ubisoft's open-world action game Ghost Recon Wildlands will be free this weekend on PS Xbox One and PC but only for a limited time From September - Ubisoft will offer the full game as well as some of its PvP and PvE missions to everyone on all platforms for free Presumably the progress you make during the free weekend will carry forward to the full game should you decide to pick it up And if you do want to purchase the game Ubisoft just announced two…

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Featuring Rainbow Six Siege Crossover Is Now Live

The stylized military action worlds of the Tom Clancy brand are colliding as a special event in Ghost Recon Wildlands brings in characters from Rainbow Six Siege You can use two new Siege-inspired PvP classes or complete a two-part PvE mission starring Siege's operators In the mission from Special Operation titled Operation Archangel Valkyrie tracks the missing operator Caveira to Bolivia You'll partner with Twitch to help Valkyrie find Caveira while unlocking the mystery of why he's in Bolivia at all You can start the mission in the province of Caimanes and it can be taken on solo or with…

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Rainbow Six Siege Operators Get New Mission In Ghost Recon Wildlands Update

A new crossover update is coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands as part of Special Operation that features Operators from Rainbow Six Siege The update includes a new set of Siege-inspired story missions weapons classes and customizations The crossover event is available on Xbox One PS and PC for free starting July The new story mission Operation Archangel stars Siege's Valkyrie Twitch and Caveira In Rainbow Six Siege all three women are a part of Team Rainbow an international team composed of the world's best soldiers spies and weapon specialists who hunt terrorists Valkyrie is a U S Navy Seal who…

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There's A Rainbow Six Patriots Easter Egg In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Following the Splinter Cell missions with Sam Fisher Ghost Recon Wildlands is crossing over with yet another Tom Clancy franchise Rainbow Six We already spent several hours with the update and toward the end of the content we discovered a tongue-in-cheek reference to Rainbow Six Patriots one of Ubisoft's notorious cancelled projects Spoilers Follow for Ghost Recon Wildlands New DLC Update In addition to a new permadeath difficulty and updates to its PvP mode Wildlands' newest DLC brings several characters from Rainbow Six Siege to open-world Bolivia After discovering the scene of a firefight in which several Cartel members didn't…

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Will Add Harder Mode With Permadeath

Ubisoft has announced Special Operations a free update for Ghost Recon Wildlands that introduces new PvE and PvP features to the PS Xbox One and PC open-world shooter The new content will be available from July for those that own the Year pass and July for everyone else The first of the two major additions is Ghost Mode a new PvE experience that is designed to put a player's skills to the test It tasks players with taking down the Santa Blanca Cartel but makes it a little trickier by activating permadeath limiting the number of weapons you can carry…

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HUNTING DOWN CAVEIRA - Ghost Recon Wildlands (Rainbow Six Siege Mission)

Ghost Recon Wildlands: Stealth Heist Gameplay

Ghost Recon Wildlands: Stealth Assassin Gameplay