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Friday the 13th The Game for PS4 is a third-person survival game in which we can play the most cruel and ruthless killer of horror movies.

We will also be able to put ourselves in the place of the prey, and incarnate a teenager that next to a group of friends will have to escape of the most cruel and brutal murderer of the world.

In Jason's skin, we will have at our disposal unique abilities for the hunting of our prey, so be prepared to suffer a real persecution. Although it seems that we have all the disadvantage of the world, the title will offer us all the possible tools to survive, escape and even slow, as far as possible, the most cruel butcher.

But the game offers more possibilities, as we can also take control of the legendary killer and even murder any teenager in the most imaginative ways. Jason will be equipped with a huge amount of terrifying skills that will give us absolute control of the situation. We can hide in forests and fall by surprise on the unprepared teenagers. Also, as Jason gets through the night, he will become stronger and more frightening, so our victims will have no escape.

Remember that this title is available digitally and physically for PS4 and Xbox One, so we recommend to carefully read the information in each store to know more about the methods of download, as well as shipping times in the case of the physics version of the product.

Comments and reviews

Damn scary game but very well made lots of variety.
Has a very good shelf life as some scary games just make you jump but have no playability. If you love COD zombies and similar titles this one is for you.
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