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Description & requirements

Forced is an action game with RPG touches designed to play in cooperative mode (from 1-4 players) and full of puzzles and tactical elements. You will face deadly tests and huge creatures, but Balfus, Mentor Spirit will guide you in your quest to break the chains of oppression.

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Over 150 Riot Games employees walked out to protest forced arbitration

Around - Riot Games employees walked out from the League Of Legends developers Los Angeles studio yesterday reports say to protest the company contracts blocking lawsuits Riot recently tried to shut down two sexual discrimination lawsuits by pointing out employee contracts waive the right to court claims being forced to settle disputes through arbitration That s a private process which is known to benefit employers more than employees Riot have said they plan to end forced arbitration only in some cases for some staff which isn t enough for many especially given their wider workplace trashculture So on Monday loads…

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Riot Games to end forced arbitration in sexual harrassment and assault claims – for new staff

Future Riot Games employees will be able to opt out of forced arbitration to pursue individual sexual harassment and sexual assault claims against the company the League Of Legends developers have announced Riot have faced accusations of widespread workplace harrassment and discrimination over the past year of building a culture which protected perpetrators Two female employees are currently trying to sue the company for discrimination but Riot have tried to block these by saying their contracts forbid it and instead mandate arbitration a private process of grievance-settling which favours employers With some staff threatening an employee walkout to protest that…

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Jump Force DLC Roadmap Includes New Characters And More

Reception for Bandai Namco's latest crossover fighter Jump Force has been fairly lukewarm Despite the middling reviews Japanese developer Spike Chunsoft's committed to delivering content to the Shonen fighter and publisher Bandai Namco has now shared a content roadmap Content is planned from April to August and will feature both free and paid DLC with new characters avatar costumes events stages and more April will see the game's first free DLC update With it comes a Clan feature a Vertex event and new avatar costumes May will feature both free and paid DLC On the paid side players will get…

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC to be tweaked after forced romance backlash

Assassin s Creed Odyssey and its latest DLC chapter raised some hackles last week The story shoehorned its protagonist into a relationship to produce an heir whether or not the player had decided their hero was straight gay or just disinterested in the lover the game had picked out After players complained Ubisoft apologised admitting they d dropped the ball on writing that particular segment In a statement on the Ubisoft forums yesterday Ubi announced that an upcoming patch would partially alter a cutscene some dialogue and the naming of an achievement reportedly after consultation with LGBT media advocacy group…

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Joker Movie Extras Reportedly Locked in Subway Train, Forced to Urinate on Train Tracks

Movie extras filming scenes in the Brooklyn subway station for the Joker movie were reportedly locked on a subway car for over hours according to TMZ The extras were denied their break after two hours of work and started banging on the subway doors asking to be let out as many needed to use the restroom The lack of being allowed to leave the subway car led to some resorting to urinating on the train tracks through small spaces between the cars The Screen Actors Guild SAG reportedly received a complaint about a required break time violation during production and…

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Rumours of a Diablo animated series on Netflix reinforced

The hit hot the hittie the hittie to the hit hit hot rumour going around again is that an animated series based on Diablo is likely coming streaming film-o-TV service Netflix This latest action-RPG rumourburp is based on a now-deleted tweet by an aspiring showrunner but look I don t care if this rumour is true or not Let s hijack the attention it s raised and bend that towards persuading Blizzard and Netflix to make what we really need one of those hour-long fireplace videos with Deckard Cain hanging around the embers and greeting us Stay awhile and listen…

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Forced | 4 Player Co-Op Gameplay

Forced - Co-op Campaign Part #1 (Gameplay)

Forced Gameplay

First 40 - Forced (Gameplay)