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Developed by Crytek Studios who went on to create the Crysis series, this original installment of the Far Cry series shares a lot with its spiritual successors. Explore tropical archipelagos as mercenary Jack Carver and find out why this place that you ended up on is crawling with extremely hostile militias. As the story progresses, this action-filled open world first-person shooter becomes more and more unreal as you uncover the dark secrets of these islands.

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Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies shambles out alongside a New Game+ mode

Zombies like ants get everywhere Unlike ants they re the subject of Far Cry Dead Living Zombies the shooter s third and final DLC It came out two days ago but I bet YOU didn t know that and I bet the promise of seven self-contained action movie scenes from various apocalyptic scenarios sounds alluring Maybe I might not bet much Ubisoft have also chucked in a New Game mode for the main game which lets you start over with all the toys and perks you ve unlocked on a new punishing difficulty level if you fancy it more…

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Far Cry 5 Update Adds New Game+ and Infamous Difficulty

Far Cry 's latest update has added New Game alongside a higher difficulty As detailed on Ubisoft's blog post New Game is now available via the Title Update It can be accessed through the main menu but only those who completed the campaign can try out the mode New Game will allow you to replay Far Cry 's story with all your progression intact This includes money gear vehicles weapons outfits prestige items unspent perk points arcade progression and challenge progression Players who're looking for a bigger challenge in New Game can try out the Infamous difficulty which features more…

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Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies DLC Review

It wouldn t be a big-budget shooter released in without a zombie-themed expansion and Far Cry s latest DLC called Dead Living Zombies dutifully indulges that trend With the same goofy humor we saw in the previous Mars-themed DLC this one takes us to a fun nightmarish version of the Montana countryside that s crawling with undead fodder It s not bad as zombie-killing shooting galleries go but the humorous movie-themed approach alone isn t quite enough to hold back the creeping feeling that I d killed these same exact zombies quite a few times before Like in similarly framed…

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Daily Deals: Discounted Switch Games for $45 or Less, Far Cry for $30, Art Books for $25

Welcome to IGN's Daily Deals your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy If you buy something through this post IGN may get a share of the sale For more read our Terms of Use Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to get the latest deals Continue reading…

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Far Cry 5's Zombies DLC Gets New Trailer And Release Date

Far Cry 's next expansion Dead Living Zombies will launch on August Ubisoft has announced The expansion sees players meet up with D-tier film director Guy Marvel who has a number of ideas for an epic zombie saga You will play seven different film scenarios which are maps made using Far Cry 's Arcade Editor tools As you'd imagine you will be fighting against hordes of undead in all manner of different environments Once you beat each map you'll unlock a Score Attack mode If you get a -star rating you'll get weapons and gear that you can use in…

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Far Cry 5’s final, zombie-themed DLC lurches into view on August 28th

While Far Cry was a solid open-world shooter if you could switch your brain off whenever it tried delivering another wave of plot Ubisoft just haven t been sticking the landing on the DLC The first two thirds of the season pass a Vietnam war themed expansion and a mission into pulp sci-fi territory on Mars just haven t lived up to their concept especially in the latter case Perhaps Far Cry s third and final expansion the tongue-in-cheek Dead Living Zombies might be the one to own Take a brief peek at it in the release date trailer below…

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Far Cry 2 ● Aggressive Gameplay

TROPIC THUNDER | Far Cry 5 Map Speed Build | Island Warfare 2 (Part 2: Gameplay/Reflections)