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Developed by Crytek Studios who went on to create the Crysis series, this original installment of the Far Cry series shares a lot with its spiritual successors. Explore tropical archipelagos as mercenary Jack Carver and find out why this place that you ended up on is crawling with extremely hostile militias. As the story progresses, this action-filled open world first-person shooter becomes more and more unreal as you uncover the dark secrets of these islands.

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A Complete Guide to Far Cry 5's Preorder Bonuses

Far Cry has a crazy number of physical and digital goodies spread out across several different collector's editions We've broken them all down right here…

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What's New in Far Cry 5 – IGN First

One of the biggest questions going into Ubisoft's next entry of the Far Cry series is just what exactly is changing in Far Cry It's a fair question and while Far Cry will definitely be familiar to those who've come to know the series there are quite a few new elements that modify the core gameplay As part of our deep dive into Far Cry I got to go roughly hours of hands-on gameplay with the impressively sprawling slice of Montana and I took note of a few big changes and several smaller ones that expand the game in new…

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Far Cry 5: Why John Seed Is Your Charmingly Deadly Enemy - IGN First

Far Cry is our IGN First game of the month Today I'm so excited to share with you a glimpse at one of the main villains you'll be encountering in the messed up war zone that's become of the beautiful organic setting of Montana in Far Cry The Far Cry series has had a knack for lovable psychopathic villains From Far Cry 's charismatic Vaas Montenegro the insanely cool bro that you wouldn't mind having a beer with to Far Cry 's Pagan Min the eloquent psycho with a penchant for formality there's no shortage of friendly faces that would…

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Montana Itself Is the Real Star of Far Cry 5

Some of my most memorable moments in my time spent exploring the first of three regions in Far Cry didn t involve explosions trigger-happy cultists or psychotic religious figures While those moments certainly took place and with the kind of insanity we ve come to expect from the series it was the much more serene and spontaneous times that have stayed with me since Ubisoft Montreal invited us up to play a roughly -hour chunk of what the team s been cooking up for the last several years About an hour into my playthrough I discovered a cool feature where…

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3 Awesome Ways to Play Far Cry 5 – IGN First

All month long IGN is diving deep into Far Cry the next entry in Ubisoft's massively open-world series set in a rustic slice of Montana We've got a ton of great things planned for you over the course of February but we're going to kick things off today with a bang Well actually not just a bang One of my favorite aspects of the Far Cry series is the option to play just about any way you want Do you prefer quiet stealthy kills from far-off vantage point Maybe you're a bazooka-toting madman that knows how to make an entrance…

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Far Cry 5: All Our Newest Info – IGN First

Our IGN First game for February is none other than Far Cry the highly anticipated open-world chaos shooter developed by the Far Cry team As you may already know this Far Cry is set in Montana where a small-town cult clashes with the law and you're thrust straight into the middle of the action All of our coverage this month will be rounded up here so be sure to check back on this page often to catch up on anything you might've missed or binge-watch your favorite videos To see our previous Far Cry coverage check this out Continue reading…

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