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Description & requirements

Far Cry 5 for Xbox One is scheduled to be launched in March 2018, and this version can be in physical or digital format, depending on the store where the new Far Cry franchise is purchased. So before you buy it, we recommend checking the format, and in case it is digital, check the activation countries as it may contain regional blocking.

The action takes place in Hope County, Montana, land of the free and courageous but also home to a fanatical doomsday cult known as Edens Gate. Our primary mission will be to free the county from this fateful religious sect, and to overthrow cult leader Joseph Seed, and his brothers, the Heralds, to light the fires of resistance and free the besieged community.

Among the novelties of this fifth installment, we will be able to play campaign mode in the company of another friend, so we will be able to play in cooperative mode and fight alongside another against the cult. In addition, now the map we will move around is much bigger than in previous installments, and the level of customization of our character will be enormous.

On a graphic level it will also mean an important qualitative leap forward as well as in the physics of the game, where we will be able to carry out persecutions and shootings as never before.

Comments and reviews

This game is fantastic and I have found it to be an immersive experience between missions. Missions however can cut off abruptly and break immersion. I have enjoyed the open world nature


I have played hours upon hours of this game. I find it to be very immersive and have enjoyed finding my place in the hope valley community as an indominable force to be reckoned with. 10/10 feeling when you hit that long range sprinting snipe.


graficos alucinantes, el sistema de juego es como todos los farcry, incluso algo mas largo,y como todos, mucha acción y locura, muy recomendado

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