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On November 14, 2018, we'll be able to get back into the dreaded wastelands of the Fallout universe with the release of Fallout 76 on PS4, where we'll be able to enjoy a vast and detailed RPG as we're used to in this franchise. Certain details have been revealed, and it has been observed that it will be very focused on the multiplayer game and has enhanced the aspect of survival.

Attention: Fallout 76 for PS4 bookings can include access to the closed beta. Pay attention to the details at each of the stores for more information.

Don't forget that this product can come in several versions: In physical version, so you will receive at home the box with the product, like any other purchase. or the digital version. This latest version can be in account format or in code format, which you will need to enter into your Playstation Network account to download Fallout 76 for PS4.

Fallout 76 will have missions and history, like previous releases, but will be heavily multiplayer and survival focused, with construction mechanics typical of the genre. We will be progressively updating the information as more data on the next big RPG of Bethesda in E3 2018 becomes available.

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news & articles

Fallout 76 Patch Notes: Update Adds Repair Kits, New Photo Mode

While Fallout has gotten off to a rough start Bethesda continues to implement bug fixes and patch updates to get the game into a more playable state The game's latest patch update Wild Appalachia Patch intends to address growing pains adds the controversial repair kits introduces a new photo mode and more The patch available today is approximately GB on consoles and a little under GB on PC In addition to adding a new photo mode Patch comes with numerous bug fixes to C A M P items quests and more Issues like infinite loading screens and incorrect scoreboards have…

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Fallout 76 Repair Kits Come Tomorrow, Can Be Earned Or Bought With Real Money

Bethesda has announced that the new repair kits coming to Fallout can be earned in-game or bought with real world money The kits are designed to repair weapons and armor without needing to waste resources Repair Kits are new utility items that will help you spend more time looting and shooting and less time toiling away at a workbench fixing your gear Bethesda wrote in the latest Inside the Vault blog post We've received lots of requests for Repair Kits and we're excited to add them in the weeks following Patch Patch is scheduled for tomorrow April Patch adds two…

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Fallout 76 Update Aims to Solve a Big Endgame Problem

Bethesda is adding a Legendary Vendor to Fallout in attempt to solve the problem with unwanted legendary loot as well as more opportunities to earn specific legendaries Discussing the upcoming Wild Appalachia update at the Game Days panels at PAX East executive producer Todd Howard said via USGamer We know the loop of getting legendaries and people wanting the better legendaries and getting the one they want We're solving that loop Continue reading…

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Fallout 76's survival mode is just a giant deathmatch

When Fallout was first announced back at E the image I had in my mind was basically a Fallout version of Rust surviving with friends in a harsh post-apocalyptic world where we could slowly build up a base fend off other groups of players and construct a community of our own Then of course came the actual game which was very different PvP was an agreed-upon event rather than omnipresent threat and while this solved any potential griefing problems it simultaneously removed the challenge of defending yourself - something I felt would make the game feel more well Fallout My…

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Fallout 76 Update's Survival Mode Makes PvP Much More Intense

Bethesda has rolled out the second big update of Fallout 's Wild Appalachia expansion Patch is now live across PS Xbox One and PC bringing the long-awaited Survival PvP mode--along with some other gameplay changes--to the online RPG As previously detailed Survival is a more competitive PvP experience removing all the restrictions that typically govern PvP encounters in Fallout Now when you boot up the game you'll be presented with the option to dive into either it or Adventure mode the standard Fallout experience Regardless of which you choose the story and content will remain the same and your progress…

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