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From the creators of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, we have a new title called Evolve, which involve the new generation of multiplayer shooters. The idea of Evolve is simple, hunters and monsters face on a battlefield. Obviously , we can choose one of the two sides, although it is noteworthy that on the side of the monster can only be a single player, so it will be 4vs1 battles . A game that stands out for its fast-paced cooperative action and full of adrenaline. Choose the side you choose, you will have access to powerful weapons and abilities that will offer a good balance in the competitive game. In addition we will have different types of hunters from Trapper , Support , Assault, until Doctor , each with an essential role to play and where teamwork is essential to bring down our prey. As a monster, will be the battles chief. Using skills and wild animal sense to wreak havoc. But it just is not there , we will also have character customization , where you can unlock new upgrades, skins and advantages for our favorite class monster or hunter .

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news & articles

Fortnite Patch Notes For 7.20 Update: Glider Redeploy, Scoped Revolver Added

Epic Games has revealed the patch notes for Fortnite's latest update v The patch is now live across PS Xbox One PC Nintendo Switch and mobile bringing back the recently teased glider redeploy mechanic along with a new weapon and limited-time mode Glider redeploy was first tested in Season allowing players to open their gliders again during a match and hang glide if they were at a high enough altitude This time around Epic has itemized the ability Players will now be able to find new items confusingly called Gliders as loot which add charges that allow them to redeploy…

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Devolver Digital’s bundle on Twitch Prime might be deal of the week

While I ve my issues with Amazon s global mega-monopoly I can t deny that the monthly sack of games that Twitch gives out to Amazon Prime subscribers is an oft-impressive bunch This month more impressive than most it s a bundle of Devolver Digital s best including Broforce both Hotline Miami games Strafe much improved by updates Crossing Souls The Swords of Ditto and recently lauded ninja platformer The Messenger You can grab a month of Prime even the free trial and once it lapses you get to keep the games to be launched through the Twitch desktop app…

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Ark: Survival Evolved on Switch is cut back to the absolute barebones

Nintendo's Switch has been a genuine surprise - a hybrid console based on a mobile chipset that has delivered some remarkable tech showcases the Doom port was a mini-revelation while the Wolfenstein follow-up was even more mind-blowing But these were streamlined fps games pared back to fps and built around an eminently scalable engine - a state of affairs that doesn't fully apply to Studio Wildcard's Ark Survival Evolved which seems to have been dragged kicking and screaming onto the Switch hardware with some good - and some very bad - results We don't envy the developers tasked with bringing…

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Ark: Survival Evolved creators announce Atlas, a pirate survival MMO

Few people realise that December is when we re at greatest risk from pirates likely to mistake their bloodthirsty cries of Yo ho for the merry Ho ho ho of Father Christmas and run towards them rather than away Capitalising on this behaviour the creators of Ark Survival Evolved tonight announced Atlas an open-world survival MMO full of pirates Word of Atlas leaked months ago but now it s official and it s launching next week It ll have us craft things build ships and bases sail battle ships fight ludicrous creatures and murder poor newbies a bit Ark-y but…

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Atlas: ARK: Survival Evolved Dev Announces New Game

Atlas the next game from the developers of ARK Survival Evolved was announced tonight during The Game Awards The open-world survival MMO will be released on PC via Steam on December before coming to Xbox One in through Microsoft's Xbox Game Preview program Atlas is developed by Grapeshot Games a sister studio of ARK developer Studio Wildcard Grapeshot Games describes Atlas as a fantasy pirate adventure promising shipbuilding sailing PvP battles exploration a vast skill tree and a wide variety of creatures ranging from shoulder-mounted parrots to gigantic sea monsters of legend The developer also claims Atlas will support up…

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Hitman’s humour evolved because of 47’s penchant for disguises

In the best possible way the Hitman series is ridiculous Its protagonist Agent is the single most conspicuous person in any crowd He s big and bald and white with a bar code prominently tattooed to the back of his head and not once does this fact deter him from his preferred method of infiltration wearing a disguise These aren t disguises in the elaborate Mission Impossible we ll give you an entire fake head sense No simply throws on the clothes of whatever guard or unfortunate bystander he s subdued And this actually works In the franchise s fiction…

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trailers & gameplays

MONSTER HUNTING TIME! | Evolve Stage 2 #21 Hunter Gameplay ft. Cartoonz, Delirious, Gorilla

BEST TURNAROUND EVER!! Evolve Gameplay Walkthrough Stage 2 (PC 1080p 60fps)

THE NEXT EVOLVE!? Evolve Gameplay Walkthrough Stage 2 (PC 1080p 60fps)

THE SHINIEST MONSTER!! Evolve Gameplay Walkthrough Stage 2 (PC 1080p 60fps)